Daily Proverbial, 13 July 2011

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. Proverbs 23, verses 3 and 4.

“Spock, you want to know something? Everybody’s Human.” That’s one of my all time favorite movie lines, from the last Star Trek movie starring the original cast. I think of it here because it ties my life to the verses for today. I’m human; so are you. We’re frail, struggling sinners living in a fallen world. We are also wonderful, beautiful people made by God in His own image. We weren’t built for the fallen; we were built for the beauty. We were built for that and yet we are human.

Knowing that, I like the pictorial language in these verses. I really do. I like how the writer refers to all we build in life as being built by wisdom. My concordance says that the ‘house’ is an allegory to life; that’s obvious. I think it’s comforting and wonderful to know that our lives are well-built when they are built on wisdom. It means that our lives are what they are for a reason. We are put here to learn about the vast magnificence of God’s love through living with each other in His creation. As we do those things, we gain wisdom. We make good choices, we reason, we learn from mistakes, we teach others of the love we received from Him. As we do these things, we gain understanding of them, and that understanding establishes the foundation of a Godly, happy life. Our house is built on a solid foundation.

Atheists of the world, you want to know something? Everybody’s human. Everybody has a soul, even you who deny yours. Read on.

What’s more, our lives are made of experiences and memories that fill up our days. One by one, as we live within His guidance, we are blessed with treasures. The love of other people is the greatest of those, you know. Spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, children, family, friends, even strangers: they are the rich colors of a beautiful tapestry that is your life and mine. They are comfortable furniture, colorful paintings, beautiful furnishings that fill up the rooms of our days and enrich us like possessions do. Each of our memories is a rare treasure beyond human value.

And yet everybody’s human.

I think back on my treasures and I’m now even thankful for the ones that hurt. The jerks at WMS pushing me into the locker every time I rounded the corner; being fired in Montana; that fight I got into in fourth grade when Tom laid into me without my even provoking him; the auto accident in Italy where I should have died; being passed over again and again for men of lesser ability; involving myself with the predator: all these experiences where I was a victim and hurt, I’m thankful for them. They are rare and beautiful treasures. Then there is breaking up in 1985; the cruel way I treated Gene at Andy’s house (again, when I was in fourth grade); all the lies; breaking ‘the news’ to my kids; repeatedly hurting the woman so very dearest to me by not committing: all these experiences where I made others victims and hurt them, I wish I hadn’t done them, but I am thankful for them as well. They, too, are rare and beautiful treasures. Some have vivid colors; some have dull hues. All are part of the landscape and the picture, the room, would be so incomplete without them.

You see, everybody’s human.

Even the bad memories are the adornments that fill the rooms of my house. My house is where I live, in a neighborhood probably a lot like yours. There are sunny and rainy days in our neighborhood, and some of our lawns need mowing, some of our houses need paint, some of us are magnificent housekeepers and a few of us are hoarders. You want to know something? Everybody’s human. Everybody’s human and everybody living in the presence of God lives in a house built on wise understanding, filled with many rooms, enriching memories, and rare, beautiful treasures. I prefer this outlook to thinking I’m simply a bunch of atoms waiting to return to the dirt. This outlook means forever because as beautiful as my rooms are here where eternity matters most, everybody who’s human aint seen nothing yet.


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