Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 10 January 2013.

We write this to make our joy complete.   1 John 1, verse 4.

It’s not about me.   It really isn’t.  It’s about Him, through us.  And through you.  It’s about serving Him through serving you so that our joy may be complete.

Though this verse says “our,” in some Bible translations it says “your.”  For this, I like that second interpretation better, because I think that’s what John was talking about.   It was the best news he had ever heard.  Most likely, John wrote this letter when he was an old man, decades after Jesus had ascended back to Heaven.  Yet the news was as fresh as this morning to John.   Every day, maybe even every minute of every day, he had lived conscious that he had personally known the Almighty God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob as his close and personal friend.  That loving wise knowledge filled him with joy.  He didn’t want to hold on to it:  he wanted to share it, to help others know the joy that had changed his life forever.

He wanted to share the news so that you and I could have that same joy.   Two thousand years later, John is still sharing.   The joy can still be shared with new people.   You can I can do what John did.

What’s more, we’ll revert back to ‘our’ and realize that this word is correct as well.   ‘Our joy’ is complete when we all are in communion, in friendly fellowship, in Christ with each other.  Think about your happiest moments, then think about them purified, cleansed of petty evil, and then make them never-ending.   That’s the kind of joy John mentions, like the joy he felt having Jesus open his heart and mind, and truly expand John’s consciousness and his love.  Pure peace, pure wisdom, pure knowledge, pure love:  that’s the kind of thing John wanted to share so that we could all know it.   So that our joy would be complete.

All of us.   All of us together because God doesn’t want even one person to not know that joy.

What brings you joy?  I’m not talking about getting your kicks while doing something you know you shouldn’t.  Joy isn’t like that.   Think about it:  what really makes you sense, feel, live, absorb, share joy?  Know this:  real joy is a gift from God.  It’s the presence of Christ in your life, something so good that you feel like you’ll burst if you don’t share it.  I’m hoping something today brings you joy, and that you’ll share it in your own way with someone else.   When we do that, God is smiling because that joy isn’t about us.  It’s all about Him.

Dear Jesus, thank you for your joy.   Thank you for wanting to share it with me, and inspiring me to want to share it with others.   Your joy is love.   Forgive me when I forget that, and help me to share it with everyone I meet.


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