Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 11 January 2013

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.   1 John 1, verse 5.

My friend, Patrick, pastors a church in Coppell, TX whose focus has recently become how we are all agents of light.   This is one of the verses that is the foundation of that focus.  What does that really mean:  agent of light?   One way of looking at it is that you represent light in darkness.   If you believe in Christ, you represent Him to a world that’s pretty dark.   It’s like you’re in the pitch black woods at night, and yet all around you, shining from you, is this light.  In the light there is no uneasiness, no hidden deeds, no shame, nothing cold.

Think about it:  people are drawn to the light.   A positive attitude, a patient demeanor, the wisdom to listen:  everyone values those behaviors.  They’re also fruits of Christ’s Spirit and people are drawn to folks who have them.  Couple them with other talents we’re given and we can shine wherever we are.  Some of my talents are with project interactions, and these words, and in working with the earth.  When I work to righteously build and use those talents, I can give glory to God.  If I do it when I’m being positive, helping, patient, selfless or understanding, I’m an agent of light.   I get to share the light He gave to me with others.  I don’t have to:  I get to.

Dig that.  Chew on that idea for awhile because, if you do, you’ll be changed.   In God there is no darkness.   In God there is no regret, temptation, worry, fear, anger, angst, depression, conspiracy, politics, or dread.   All the things that make life undesirable or unpleasant are absent from the light.  God is pure light and that light is pure knowledge and that knowledge is pure love; the purest love possible.   It’s so pure it shines as the brightest light in the universe. 

Nobody’s forcing us to be agents of light, but we get to be.   He invites us to be. He invites us to actively shine His light.

That’s the point of my friend’s ministry:  sharing the good light God shares with us so that He may be more involved in our lives.   How about you and I look for ways to be agents of light today?   Buy someone a coffee; pay it forward.   When you ask someone how they are doing, really mean it and be interested.  Be kind at the crossing or in the elevator.   Behind your ‘game face’ is someone who likes it when the light shines on them.   Shine in your own way.

Lord, shine today.  Shine your light to scare away the darkness.   Shine through me today, Lord, so that others can feel your warmth as well.  Amen.


2 thoughts on “Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 11 January 2013

  1. God – pure knowledge – pure light – pure love. You can rearrange it however you want because each element equals the others. You could even throw in truth as a common and equal element. Great article with timeless insight.

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