Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 15 January 2013

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.  1 John 1, verse 7.

Yesterday we talked about doing better, and not being hypocrites and trying to follow God to let Him change our ways.   I think this is a hard thing to grasp, that God purifies us from all our sins.   Some of the things we do, we don’t even consider them to be wrong.   We justify some pride; we look but we don’t touch; we didn’t say the REALLY BAD words, just a few lesser ones:  you get the picture. 

You and I aren’t God.   We don’t see things from His perspective because, from His perspective, anything that isn’t holy is sin.   God is right, and whether we like it or not, what isn’t right is wrong.  Those things we don’t think are so bad?   To God, they’re bad.  Damn-you-forever bad; go-to-hell-with-no-get-out-of-hell-free-card bad.   Parts of me are conflicted by this.   That wrong part screams “that isn’t fair.”  Another part wants to fall down prostrate and cry unworthiness.  Yet another wants to get on the bandwagon and scour out any hint of ambiguity over sin and purge it all from my being.

Lighten up.  Lighten up now because there’s a better part, a better way.  The verse can look at us and point out our sins, but that’s the flip side of what it says.  At face value, it reminds us there is a better way to live.   We can choose to walk in the light just as we can choose to walk in the darkness.   In the light there is fellowship with God and other like-hearted people.   In the light, there is real freedom.   In the light, there is opportunity, and optimism, and the chance for real happiness.

It’s because He is in the light and He purifies us from all sin.  Even those things we don’t consider wrong that He does.  Those sins we choose, when we choose to step over the line, we incur guilt.  Convicting guilt and psychological guilt.  Have you carried around your share of guilt?   Doesn’t it weigh you down, make things seem worse than they really are?   Doesn’t that guilt sometimes hurt?

How about we put it down and walk away from it?  God purified us from it and we don’t need it anymore.  And when we realize we don’t need it, we can gain strength to walk away from the things that caused the guilt.  We can gain strength to do better, to resist, and to accept forgiveness.  How about we start that here and now?  How about we take a walk in the light?

Lord, thank you so much for purifying us from all the junk we carry around.  Please strengthen and help us where we are so we can help others.


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