Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 19 February 2013

But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.  1 John 2, verse 20.

Think about it:  when God entrusts us with His love, He anoints us.   He forgives each of us for the myriad ways in which we hurt each other, bring conflict into His creation, and reject Him.   He forgives us and anoints us with His grace that flows down over us like sweet water.  We are given that love and it is the ultimate truth.

 Anointing sets us apart.   If you aren’t familiar with the practice, a Hebrew priest would anoint God’s selected leaders with blessed oil.  He would pour it over their heads, signifying that they have been marked and identified for a divinely-appointed purpose, imparting through unction a sacramental holiness.   That happened to only the most special, on those whose lives were marked by God Himself.

So consider the wonder in how the Apostle John says in this verse that we are ALL marked by God Himself, that we are all anointed and set aside in divinely-appointed purpose.  Our purpose is to stand and resist the antichrists of this world, the things that are designed to draw us away from God.   What’s more, our divinely-appointed, sanctified, consecrated purpose is to do that by sharing God Himself, his son Jesus.  The same Jesus who pursues us in love and redeemed us by His own love sets us aside as special to Himself for the purpose of sharing Him and His love with other people so that they can know how He loves them too.   That privilege of sharing Him is the highest calling of humanity.

It’s what we’re anointed for.  Anointing consecrates.   Jesus consecrates us in the truth of His love, in knowing that that love is the ultimate truth of the universe.  Some churches, I’m sure, still anoint called servants in their ranks, though I haven’t experienced this myself.   In the past, I have served in various capacities in several churches, and I hope to do so in the future as well.   Yet none of those offices or tasks is anointed nearly as well as the simple forgiveness that is mine and yours through following Jesus the Christ.   He forgives, calls, consecrates and empowers us where we are so that we might represent Him to this world that needs Him but doesn’t know it.

Father, God, bless your name for all you do to protect, anoint, and consecrate me.   I have been unworthy to accept your call in my life, yet You made me worthy through your blood.  Call me today and lead me where you will.


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