Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 20 February 2013

I do not write to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it and because no lie comes from the truth.  1 John 2, verse 21.

I’m reading a book called “Follow Me” by David Platt.   If you want to read something that will rock you out of Christian complacency, read Platt’s books, especially this one.   Platt, a minister at a congregation in Alabama, stridently insists that conventional faith is dead, even unchristian.  When we sit by and think we’ve done enough, we need to remember that this Jesus we profess demands everything.   Our profession of Him is our death sentence, and we are called to follow Him so that we might die, literally die, to everything this world has to offer.

That’s the truth.  It’s harsh but true.  Jesus spoke all truth, and all of His lessons, parables and words imparted only truth.   There is no lie found in anything He ever says or does, including this call to death.   Our call is to put Him and only Him as first in our lives, and to follow wherever He leads us even if it means sure and painful death.  Indeed, we will die; it’s the consequence of our humanity.   Consider that most of the people of this planet are hostile to all things Christ, and most of the original apostles died horrible deaths as a consequence of following Jesus.  Following Jesus means accepting the hard challenge, walking the hard road to death.

Again, that’s just the truth.   John writes this to us the same as he wrote it to his first century brothers and sisters.   When we understand this truth, it is because Jesus has imparted His Spirit into our hearts so that our human failings won’t stand in the way of grasping His truth.   We know the truth when we recognize that Jesus is God and that God is three and that the three-in-one God is true love.  We acknowledge that this truth is the ultimate knowledge of the world, and that only God can redeem this world through His love, through the love He poured out over us in Jesus’ blood.  We live this truth when we are anointed by King Jesus to share Him and His love with other people in how we think, speak and act, and when we represent Him to an anti-Christ world that is hostile to Him.  We accept that truth when we set our feet onto the difficult path of following Him, knowing that our faith journey will lead us to death, both dying to the antichrists of this world and dying in penalty for our sins.   And we live and love that truth of Jesus when we know that He has saved us from all that by His pure sacrifice so that we might share that true love with Him here and forever.

True Jesus, bless your truth and let me profess it in how I think, speak, and act for You today.


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