Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 22 February 2013

No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.  1 John 2, verse 23.

Relationships matter.  We were made for relationships, to be in a fellowship relationship with the Creator and to share this fellowship in Him with others.   We do that by building relationships.   Whether it’s your family, or you and your bestie, or co-workers, or even people you meet on an elevator, you and I build relationships.  

Think about it:  we talk about the weather and we talk about the game last night.   If you know someone, you talk about their kids and their work and their clothes and how they are feeling.  When we really get to know each other, we share ourselves, opening our minds and our hearts to people who set us at ease and with whom we exchange trust.

That’s how God designed us.   And that’s how He shares Himself with us.   He gave us Himself through His word so that we could get to know Him, then share our living knowledge of Him with those people from the elevator, from our close friendships, and from our intimates.  And when we know Jesus, we know God the Father.   When we know God the Father, we know Jesus.

Here’s the scary part, too:   when we deny Jesus, we deny God the Father.   When we deny God the Father, we are denying God the Son as well.   When we do that, we defame His Spirit.  Maybe that isn’t our intention because, well, this whole triune God is a mystery.  Want an answer for it?   Don’t look at me:  I don’t have one other than “that’s God.”   He is three in one, Father in the Spirit in the Son.  When you get to know one, you get to know all three distinct persons who are indeed distinct and individual yet still one.   Mysterious.

I don’t know why He is the way He is.   I just know He is.   When Moses asked what God’s name was, God (the same three-in-one God) answered “I AM.”   Not some pretender but I AM.   He is and isn’t constrained by the limits of single-personhood humanity even though He is both human and spirit.  God is I AM.   There is no dissecting Him or chunking Him down to meet our definition of the way we think He should be.   And the way He is means that He has a mysterious relationship that He wants to share with us.   He constantly crashes into our lives and facilitates our relationships so that we might recognize Him and His life-changing love.   Sharing that love is why He does it.  That’s what makes our relationships matter.

Three in one God, you are a wonderful mystery to us.   I want a relationship with you that can grow and be shared with my family, friends and strangers too.  Live in me, live through me, and live here today.


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