Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 25 February 2013

See that what you have heard from the beginning remains in you. If it does, you also will remain in the Son and in the Father.  1 John 2, verse 24.

Faith is tough.   I have lived both in and out of faith and I’m hear to tell you that the high road is the tougher one to walk.  Keeping the faith is much tougher than giving in to the temptation of things my past and the world around me tell me are a lot of fun and feel pretty darn good.   They are fun and they feel great.   No, I’m not going to guilt you in this and try to do the comparison thing and try to logically reason why faith is the better choice.   We’re beyond that.

Let the Apostle John simply tell you the way it is:   if you keep the faith, you keep Christ alive in you.   If you don’t, you don’t.  It takes work.   Jesus did ALL the work of salvation; you and I do nothing to save ourselves.  We gain that salvation through faith in Him, through surrendering ourselves to Him.  He still comes to us; He still does all the work of salvation; we do nothing.

Holding on to that faith, however, can be tough; really tough going.  It’s hard to say ‘no’ when our friends and even our families pressure us to do otherwise.  I’m here to testify that it’s worthwhile, but it’s tough.   It takes practice, namely constant fueling in His Scriptures, and intimate prayer with Him, and letting Him change our behaviors.   It’s hard to tone down our language, or change our habits, or even let go of friends who refuse to help on our faith journey.   It’s tough to resist the temptations that are always there.

Anyone, any Christian, who tells you that their life is all peaches and cream now that they’re on a faith journey needs to have their heart examined.   Jesus promises trials, and difficulties, and that the enemy will work even harder to turn us.  That really happens; it happens with even greater severity if you profess your belief in Christ and work to live in Him.

But it’s worth it.   Live in the peace of knowing you let go of your regrets and tell me the verse is wrong.   When we live through Christ, Christ lives through us.   When we don’t, we don’t let Him.  There is peace, real knowledge, understanding, fellowship and real freedom, not this lie of freedom that the world offers us.   Real freedom is the Father and Son living in us through their Spirit.  And it can be a tough road to walk.

Lord, thank you for leading me on Your path and for walking beside me on it.   Live in me, love through me, help others through me, serve through me, and fight for me when the enemy comes to attack.


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