Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 26 February 2013

And this is what he promised us—even eternal life.  1 John 2, verse 25.

My church has a slogan posted on a banner:  Eternity Matters Most.  There’s another one posted as well:  It’s Not About Me.  Read them over and over and I think you’ll see that they’re like yin and yang, supporting and reaffirming each other; you can’t really have one without the other.   There are Scripture verses associated with them, so while you won’t hear those specific slogans in the Bible, the thought of them is indeed implied.

I like both slogans, and I remember them often.  But I think if you had to point to one being more important than the other, Eternity Matters Most would be it.   It’s not about me in this life because it’s about God, it’s about Jesus.  It’s not about me because I’m a servant here, put here to learn to love Jesus by sharing and serving others in love.   It’s not about me because we were made to be caring, not selfish.

It’s not about me because eternity matters most. 

Eternity matters most because Jesus is, and is in, and is from, and will be, eternal.   He exists in this other dimension we think of as ‘forever’, which is both a time reference and a place.   Christ exists there just as surely as He also lives through us here.   It’s the central mystery of our lives, how God, three in One, is and was and will be; how He is I AM.   That mystery matters to us, though, because God made us in love to share forever with Him.   We weren’t made to be slaves who work this creation, and we weren’t made to party like it’s 1999 (which, in fact, was 14 years ago; 2000 zero zero party over, oops, out of time).

Eternity is more than the turn of the century.   Eternity is more than something waiting for us after this temporal life is complete.   You and I are part of eternity right now.   We are marked for it; there is a place for us in it; we are sharing God’s love here and now that is shared and rejoiced over in eternity right now.  Jesus promised us that, when we become His, we are promised eternal life.   That’s not just life after human death:  it’s a perspective on life as a whole.   Life is forever, pure, loving, exhilarating, challenging, bold, worshipping, glorifying and fun.   It’s not just for when we die:   it’s for here and now.  And it’s forever.  It matters because we all need to know that.

Check out watersedgefrisco.com or, better yet, if you come through Frisco, Texas some Sunday, come see us.   It’s a welcome if somewhat quirky place where it’s not about me because eternity matters most.

Jesus, you’re eternal and You’ve made me eternal.  Thank you and praises to you for that, and for the opportunity to share it today.


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