Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 12 March 2013

But you know that he appeared so that he might take away our sins. And in him is no sin.  1 John 3, verse 5.

Knowledge is power; intelligence is advantage.  We can’t prove that gravity exists, but we know it does.   Nobody can prove that what is behind me is actually there, but I know it is.   We only have paintings of famous people from the distant past; we don’t really know exactly what they looked like.  I can’t prove that my family loves me, but I know they do.

Nobody can prove that Jesus Christ even existed, or that He was resurrected, or that He is even the Son of God.   No empirical proof exists or has ever been found to point to these things as being undeniably true.  To say they are true, one must have faith.   Indeed, that’s the case for almost every truth in life:  that we must put our belief, our faith, in it for it to be seen by us as true.   Whether it’s evolution, the rights of humanity, or the likelihood that the Cubs, yet again, will not make it to the World Series this year, we must believe in things to know them to be true.

I know Jesus appeared so that He might take away our sins, and that in Jesus there was and is no sin.   I know this to be true because He spoke His truth to my heart through His love, through His word, through His Spirit, through how I’ve seen it play out in the lives of other folks who believe in Him.   I know it’s true because I believe it, and I believe in Him.  What is contained in the Scriptures I believe to be the inerrant word of Him who came to take away my 16 million-plus sins.  This knowledge (based on belief) is power.   It is the key to living freely; indeed, it is the secret to living in everything.

The goofy, mysterious thing about it is that it isn’t a secret at all.   It is out there for anyone to see, anyone to know.   The highest calling of a believer is to love God with everything we have, then to share that love by telling others about it.  Believers don’t have some secret handshake or some innate core belief that unbelievers can’t know.   Nothing could be further from the truth.   But central to that truth is suspending empirical logic in favor of Spiritual following.  Seeing isn’t believing:  believing becomes seeing.

And before, after, in the middle, and all the way through that belief is Jesus.   THAT is real faith, real knowledge, and the real advantage in living.

Jesus my lord, I believe in you.   I believe in you as a fact, as my friend, and as my only savior.  I know You are who You say You are, and thank You for that.


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