Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 8 April 2013

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.  1 John 4, verse 1.

Just Jesus.   I’ve been writing these shorter proverbials for four chapters now, and I find them much easier to write than I found it to write about Proverbs or Ecclesiastes.   It’s my hope that whatever I’ve written has been a blessing to you, but I’ve been especially hopeful for your blessing in this current series.  Thank you for the hundreds of complimentary notes and comments.   The reason they’re easier to write and is that they’re about Jesus.   When it’s not about me is when the good stuff happens.

Just Jesus.   That’s the sermon series a friend of mine is preaching here in North Texas.   He’s on week one thousand (or so) and it isn’t getting old yet.   The primary message is that all of the Bible – and all of life – is about just Jesus.   Everything was made through Him; everything is about Him; He is part of everything; everything good comes from Him.   Anything that isn’t about just Jesus generally isn’t too great.  How do we know this?

Simple:   test.   Feel free, in all walks of life, at every moment, to test the spirits.   If something seems right AND isn’t contradictory to Scripture, it may just be the right thing.  Test it to find out.  It isn’t a matter of “if it feels good, it is good;” that’s not where we’re going with this.   Instead, if you feel led in a direction and it doesn’t contradict what God’s word says about it, then it may be worth considering.   Such a thing is worth further prayer, deeper consideration.  Take it to the Savior.   Pray about it.   Listen.  See where He’s leading you.  

See where He’s leading because you and I both know that not every direction is the one where God is leading you.  The folks who say “I’m Jesus” or “I’m bigger than Jesus” or things like that aren’t.  If it bothers your conscience, there’s a good reason.   Heed it.  Where Christ is concerned, be a skeptic about anything that isn’t Him.  Check out your New Testament to learn about what He says about coming back, or hearing His shepherd’s voice, or about how He interacts with people and never contradicts Himself or any other Scripture.   If any of the other things you believe you’re being told or led through don’t fully jive up with Him, then chances are they’re not the right choice.

It’s just about Jesus.   Anything that isn’t, isn’t.

King Jesus, life is just about You and thanks for that.   Teach me to listen to You, to follow You, and to profess You in all that I do.


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