Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 23 April 2013

This is how we know that we live in him and he in us: He has given us of his Spirit.  1 John 4, verse 13.

Most of 1 John 4 has been an exposition about love.   To review, it has talked about what love is, how we identify love, how to identify that God is love within us, and characteristics of all these things.  Today is a little bit about how that happens.

It happens because of God’s Holy Spirit.

We know we have God with us, Immanuel still, in our lives today by the presence of His Spirit within us.   When we have that ‘aha’ moment about faith, it’s that Spirit revealing to us.   When we feel the releasing comfort of prayer, it’s the Spirit giving hope.   When we hear our conscience telling us right from wrong, it is God’s Spirit instructing us to a better way.  When we share love with family, friends, and others we love, it’s God’s Spirit in motion.   When we read something in Scripture that is particularly moving, it is God’s Spirit speaking to our hearts.  When we profess what we believe to others who might not, it is God’s Spirit at work through us.

What does it feel like?   It’s pure satisfaction and contentment, real peace.   Having Jesus’ Spirit moving in us is motivating, better than the adrenaline rush of a runner’s high.   It’s feels purer than mountain air or a desert sunrise.  It’s as innocent as watching a baby sleep while still being as full as after a great meal.   It’s higher than the rush of a new drug and, yes, (PG-13 alert here) even the ultimate orgasm.  It is the sense of real knowledge, lasting truth.  What does God’s Spirit feel like in us?   It’s all of these wrapped up in one because it is the touch, feel, and presence of Jesus moving in us from the soul.   And that’s just the start because it is forever.  He works on us here and now from the inside out that we may learn to share Him.

We know we live in Jesus because the way Jesus lives in us is by His Spirit.   His Spirit is encouraging, chastising, cleansing, hoping, building, tearing, caring, and rejuvenating.   In every way, God the Father and Son move through the supernatural power of that Spirit.   A challenge to you today is to not overlook that simple miracle.   The Divine God Himself, creator of all that is, of all that you are in your life, chooses to dwell in you.   He chooses to indwell you with His Spirit, the very source of His love and His life, and to live through You to reach others.  It’s a mystical, mysterious, but magical thing, and He bridges eternity to come into your life, where you are today, by His quiet but irresistible, steel-tough Spirit of real love.

Spirit of the Lord, live in me today.  Fill my weary heart and I will rejoice in Your love.


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