Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 25 April 2013

If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God.  And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.  1 John 4, verses 15 and 16.

That’s all it takes?   Say that Jesus is God and you can know that the Triune God is living in you?   You can know that God’s love is strong enough to be the foundation of all things, good and bad, that happen in your life?  Yep.  In honor of the Duck Dynasty season finale, think about it this way:  “happy, happy, happy.”

I’ll admit:  I’ve always been skeptical of instant conversion.   My skepticism is rooted in the fact that it didn’t happen to me.  I was raised as a Christian and the concept of Christ immediately and permanently taking away our sins forever, is one I’ve always understood, even when I was blind. 

Note to self:  it isn’t about what I’m familiar with, or even what I understand; it’s not about me.  It’s about Jesus.   Happy, happy, happy.   Quite seriously & joyfully:   happy, happy, happy.

It’s about Jesus because He really does what the verse says.   He actually lives through us, instantly changing us from the way of death to the Way of life.   The aha moment happened ages ago, because He did the conversion long before we realized it.  All that ever needed to be done to remove sins forever and let us move forward was done at Calvary.   We can rely on God’s immeasurable love to be the only basis for our lives, and the aha moment is important only as far as it can be a basis for our understanding.  Being a believer isn’t the same as being a Christian, and being a Christian isn’t going to save your soul.   Believing in Jesus does.

But don’t be naïve:   being happy, happy, happy in knowing the we’ve been changed isn’t a ride on Easy Street.  We’re still stuck in a world of “WTF,” “JK,” and “LOL.”   People still die; there are still tears; there are always struggles.   Real things still happen to real believers; real temptations still really exist.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking that believers aren’t faced with the same troubles, dysfunctions, or problems that unbelievers wrestle with.   Indeed, even I know plenty of non-believing people who more honestly wrestle with these things than believing folks do.   Happy, happy, happy is an outlook that builds from knowing Jesus loves us unconditionally and died to save us.   It isn’t permission for self-righteousness because believing can allow us to see the world as it is, and our part in loving other people to fight some very real battles.  Saying we believe is just getting with the program and, yes, that’s a reason to be happy, happy, happy.

Saving Jesus, I’m happy with you, and thank You for being happy with me, for saving me before I even knew You did.


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