Daily Proverbial, from 1 John, 9 May 2013

For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.  1 John 5, verse 4.

Remember that we choose to love God because He first loved us, and that fully loving Him both protects and preserves us while teaching us to keep His commands.   The first word of verse 5 is actually a continuation of verse 4 so that the combined verses would read “And his commands are not burdensome for everyone born of God overcomes the world.”

Um, huh?

Maybe we could think of it this way:  Jesus loves us so that we can overcome sin.   When we read “the world,” it’s talking about ‘sin.’   Sin is of the world:  the fallen world that has grown after sin took root in the creation frustrated by sin.  Love is that powerful:   that it can overcome the worst evil possible.   From massacring innocent people to white lies we tell our kids, only the love of Jesus is powerful enough to crush all our wrongdoing no matter what it is.

Here’s where I have to make a confession:   sometimes crazy thoughts like that make my head explode.   Seriously.  I hear all the church talk about love overcoming sin, and Jesus’ victory over death, and being born of God.  I hear the talk but it only partly registers, only adds up in a way I understand in about 6 times out of 10.  I read about how the Holy Spirit works Jesus’ love in our lives; I get it.  Perhaps I try to over-think it, though, because I don’t understand how it happens.   I don’t understand the mechanics of how Jesus did it.  I can tell you the history of it, the way it happened, and I will always confess that I believe it’s true.   But I don’t always understand the “how” behind the “what.”

News flash:  this is one of those things where we don’t need to understand how love overcomes evil.  We only need to know it does.   It’s not about me:  it’s about Jesus and what He’s doing.  For proof of the power of His love, we need only look as far as the people we love in this world.   We love them and Jesus loves em too.  We love them because He loved us first, and because He loved us first, He has given us this incredible thing, this love, that makes everything else irrelevant.  Tell me I’m wrong when I think the only proof you need of the power of love is how you feel when you know you love someone.   It’s strong, life-changing, enriching, and selfless.   Our love is the most powerful force and emotion in the world and drives us to do amazing things.  In other words, it’s what Jesus does for us.

Uh huh indeed.

Lord of love, you’ve overcome sin and all I’ve ever done wrong.   I praise you and thank you for saving a sin-stained person like me.


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