Daily Proverbial, from 2 John, 11 June 2013

It has given me great joy to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as the Father commanded us.  2 John, verse 4.

It must make a pastor happy to see the people of his congregation living faith-filled lives.   I mean, it must feel good to see people taking the message, the encouragement, the teaching that you impart as your career and then putting it to practical use.   Teachers and mentors of all kinds get this feeling of satisfaction, but I suspect that it must be a particular joy to those called to specifically preach God’s Word.

Admit it:   it DOES feel good when someone you love takes something you said or did for them and does something good with it.   It feels good to watch your kids succeed; in fact, my parents taught me that the biggest compliment a child can give to a parent is to succeed on their own using what they learned at home.   It feels good to teach others, then watch them do things with the knowledge you gave them.  It feels good to sit back and know you did a good job at whatever you did, watching others take the ball to run with it.

Imagine how it must make God happy to see us use the gifts He gives us in ways that further His kingdom. 

If you aren’t a believer, maybe the joy of seeing someone enriched by Christ is something foreign to you.   There really is peace and happiness in watching others worship, live faithfully, and grow spiritually in Jesus.  Community worship can be an extremely uplifting, joy-filled, exhilarating thing.   So can private worship and devotion.  In fact, the devotion my wife and I did just today talked about worship, about how worship can be both personal and corporate, individual and as a church body.   Both are proper; there are places for both liturgical, formal worship and free-flowing unstructured worship.  

That is so because God the Father Himself commands us to worship Him, giving Him our best no matter where we find ourselves.   The more you study Scripture the more you see that this isn’t because God is vain or arrogant:   He is all love and knows that our understanding and acceptance of Him grows as we come together.  He wants to share that love, to build us up through it, and one of those ways is by worship.  

If you haven’t worshipped the Lord lately, I’m challenging you to do it today.  Whether in a church, or a group, or all on your own, take some time to marvel at God today, to give Him praise for how He’s worked in your life, and to be thankful, open, and joyous.

Lord, forgive and strengthen me to worship You where I am today.  I will follow Your lead; help me to walk in faith.


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