Daily Proverbial, from 2 John, 24 June 2013

If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take them into your house or welcome them.  2 John, verse 10.

Last night, my wife, son, and I watched one of the most amazing feats of evangelism I’ve ever seen.   Nik Wallenda, heir to the moniker of ‘The Flying Wallendas,’ walked a 2-inch wide tight-wire across the Grand Canyon.  We were glued to the TV, transfixed by the morbid possibility that the walk would fail and he would plunge to his death, as well as the equal likelihood that he might actually make it across alive.   Thankfully, he succeeded; if you haven’t seen it, check it out on Youtube because Wallenda did something completely unexpected.

No, it wasn’t how he stopped down on the wire while 1400 feet above the bottom of the gorge.   No, it wasn’t the fact that he walked a flawless straight line through heavy winds without a net.   The unexpected, amazing and (to us) really uplifting thing that Nik Wallenda did was that, all through this daredevil feat, he prayed.

That’s right:   for the entire 22 minutes, he prayed out loud and proud.  “Thank you Jesus.”   “Praise to you Jesus.”   “You have authority over this wind, dear Jesus.”   “Calm this wire Jesus.”  “You are my savior Jesus.”  These are just a smattering of the things the fearless – yet fearful – daredevil said all throughout his high-wire walk.  Not to be too skeptical, but while Wallenda is getting mentions on news programs today, I doubt many of them will talk about this.  Listening to Bill Bennett this morning, Bennett did, yet when I surfed around the radio after that, I couldn’t find anyone else talking about it.  Maybe there are folks out there mentioning it, but I doubt there are many. 

Yet the millions who watched Wallenda walk his wire welcomed him into their homes, transfixed like we were.  Through it all, especially for the unbelieving, Wallenda ‘brought it:’ publicly, unabashedly, thankfully praying to his merciful Savior for protection, accuracy, and patience.  And those prayers worked.

Sure, there are many who (might have a point when they) would say that Wallenda was simply saying something to calm his nerves.   That’s true, but prayer does that.   There are many who would say that he was simply invoking the presence of the almighty to make sure nothing bad happened…and it worked!     And there are many who would say it was a stunt…and it was, and the stunt man relied not just on his strength, but on God’s.

At the end of it, I feel like I know the man, like we’re friends, connected, like we were a part of what he did.  On the biggest stage of his life, Nik Wallenda brought the teaching that Jesus Christ and only Jesus Christ saves and protects him, and anyone who watched welcomed him – and Him – into their lives.

Lord, protect me today as I walk the high wire in my life.  I praise and thank you!


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