Daily Proverbial, from 2 John, 26 June 2013

 I have much to write to you, but I do not want to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to visit you and talk with you face to face, so that our joy may be complete.  2 John, verse 12.

I wish we could talk about these things in person.   It’s only been a recent development (as in ‘within the last few years’) that I could say that.   Before the recent past, I would have been nervous to talk with you about matters of faith.  True, I used to canvass, handing out fliers, or inviting people to church or events or such.   And in personal or intimate groups, I would gladly speak up about what I believed or thought.   But not like this.

Now, I’d rather talk with you one on one.   I’d rather we had a chance to see each other’s faces, to gauge our body language, to hold hands and pray together.   These things we talk about, we read about, we learn together:  they’re important.   They are life and death.  I’m thankful that we have at least this medium with which to communicate, but I wish it could be more.   Thanks be to God that it is what it is.

You and I:  we may know each other well.   Or, it may turn out that we don’t know each other that well at all.   A lot of water passes over the dam for us.   Time, distance, work, circumstances, and any number of things keep us from getting together, maybe having a cup of coffee or glass of wine, and just talking.  Not long ago, I wouldn’t have opened my heart about things that really matter to just anyone.   Maybe to a select few, but not to folks I don’t know well, or don’t see very often.

Not anymore.

Yet make no mistake in this:  if you enjoy reading this, or understand meaning, or are encouraged, enriched, or enlivened by anything you read here…all glory to Jesus, not me.  No matter how we communicate, all glory to Him.

Yet I still wish we could talk about matters of the heart in person.   About why faith matters; about how Jesus acts, moves, teaches, and works in our lives; about times we’ve felt encouraged and times we have simply known that we were children of God; even about times when we felt doubt, loneliness and anguish, and how we questioned our faith.  Like John wished, I wish we could do these things in person to that we could share these times as personal friends instead of just personal friends via pen, paper, or the miracle of electronic interchange. 

But again, let’s always remember that no matter how we share our time with Him, when we share that time as followers, all glory to the Risen King.

Jesus our King, thank you for letting us share by so many means our faith in You, and how You ennoble our lives with your eternal love.


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