Daily Proverbial, from 2 John, 27 June 2013

The children of your sister, who is chosen by God, send their greetings.  2 John, verse 13.

Here ends the book of 2 John.   It was just a couple of weeks ago that we first started looking at it and we’re already done.   Before continuing to the 3rd and final epistle written by the Apostle John, let’s consider that he ends this letter as he began it:  with a mysterious allusion to a lady.

Just like we started, we could speculate that this lady is a real person, that he wrote the letter to a specific woman to encourage her, and that the letter became part of canon scripture through sharing, usage, and tradition.   There’s something to be said for that interpretation.   There’s also something to be said for the thinking that ‘the lady’ is the church as a larger body.  That, too, is supported by the entirety of the book.

And, like we originally concluded, it really doesn’t matter.

It really doesn’t matter because, whether it’s the lady or the church, she is chosen by God.   God Himself, from eternity yet here and now, has chosen your sister – and your brother, your mother, your friend, and YOU – for His own purposes.  Are you chosen?  Sure, there are days when you and I don’t feel very chosen.   Yesterday was one such day for me.   I hadn’t slept well the night before.   My work day was tedious, busy, rushed, and burdened (literally) with hundreds of messages and small details that complicated every moment.   Even when I tried to relax, all I found was a swarm of bugs, smelly lake water, and catching up on news that went from skeptically bad to undoubtedly worse.

And yet…

…And yet, at the end of the day, I wrote these words from a hotel room of luxury.   I had persevered and overcome through the day’s challenges, retired to a paid-for room in an upscale hotel where I had fresh water, air conditioning, several rooms of space, and a luxurious bed.   My family was well and cared for.  I hadn’t been plagued by disease, hunger, threats, or real hardship.   And I didn’t have to do anything to have had all this drop into my lap.   God simply provided.   I didn’t deserve it, earn it, merit it, or even have it coming.  There are many more who are in bigger need than me, yet He simply provided for me, having me where He has me for whatever reason He is playing out.

I’m chosen.

So are you.

So was John.

So was the lady to whom he was writing, whoever she was.   And, after reminding her that she was chosen – and thus richly blessed by the God-man Jesus – John signed off his letter.   Let’s you and I do the same.

Lord Jesus, thank you for the words of your friend John, and for choosing me.   Bless me by being more in my life, leading me wherever You will.


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