Daily Proverbial, from James, 26 August 2013

v  If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.  James 1, verse 5.

Today is my son’s last first day of school.   Today starts my son’s senior year.  You know the drill:   prepped with school supplies, a good night’s sleep, get up, mom and dad make a good breakfast, take the traditional picture, send him off, we have a small cry, and then we’re off into our days as well.

I won’t give away too many family secrets, but I’ll proudly confess that junior year was a resounding success for Son Bull.  He passed all of his classes without tutoring or coaching.   He wrestled successfully and competitively.   He kicked addiction.   He changed his living patterns, his set of friends, and his outlook.   We were so proud of him for all he did, and today we send him back to school one last time so that he can repeat, and maybe improve on, last year’s success.

Over the summer, he toured on his third consecutive Spoke Folk mission.   If you aren’t familiar with Spoke Folk, it’s a touring evangelism and biking troupe for young people.   Young folks of high school and college age bike from one town to another, give a Christian-themed performance, spend the night at a host church, then get up early the next morning to do it again.  My youngest daughter has done two tours, in New York and Maryland.   But it is our son who has made it his own, touring the last three summers in Illinois, Michigan, and now Minnesota.

This year saw real life changes in his life because of his junior year success, but mostly because he let Jesus in his heart and let Him really take over.  This year, son was out in the crowds being a friend to new believers, mentoring young kids, and ‘bringing it.’  At the end of the tour, I took him fishing for a week and saw first-hand how he really internalized the Jesus experience. 

Today, at the start of his last school year, his mom and I are praying that he continues to walk the Jesus walk.   At the start of senior year, we pray the advice of James, that our son will continue to ask God to generously give him wisdom, leadership, and inspiration.   We pray for his success, and for having his heart broken for Jesus every day so that the real young man we love may shine through for all.  God bless you, Dillon Terry, for all the hard work you’ve done these last 12 years, for starting your strong race to the finish line, and for becoming the mighty man of God He made you to be.

Lord of wisdom, Your love is the fount of all knowledge and reason.   Help me to do my best for You today and in this school year to come.


When was the last time you asked Jesus for His wisdom in your life?      

Are you tired of always working alone?

Do you measure success in just what you do, get or achieve, or do you also measure it by recognizing what God did for you today and how He’s leading you where He wants you to be?


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