Daily Proverbial, from James, 22 October 2013

You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.  James 2, verse 19

Remember that this verse comes on the heels of the one that reminded us of how faith without doing something with it is dead faith.   Why is that important?

Because it matters what we do.  Duh, right?  You’d think so, but we live in an age uninformed people.   Just this morning, I read about how a group of people in San Diego were signing a petition requesting that the US government become more like Nazi Germany so as to protect the average US citizen.   Nazi Germany…yes, that’s what they were told.  You can’t make this stuff up.  We have so many people who are not clued in to what’s going on around them.  Have you ever watched Jay Leno’s staff interview people on the street and ask them simple questions about current events, leaders, or basic facts of history?  It’s surprising how many average people don’t know these things and it sometimes leaves me shaking my head

Is it any wonder, then, that so many people would be uninformed about Jesus the Savior?  That so many people – I’d even dare to say most people – don’t know about Jesus beyond invoking His name when they want to swear?  If you’re surprised, I’m sorry to be the splash of cold water, but it’s simply the way it is.  Most people know there is a God, and maybe even that Jesus is that God, but that’s where their knowledge ends.  

Therefore, what we do matters.   It matters because what we say and do is walking the walk to our Christian talking the talk.   This is the tough part.

I do it poorly.  Whether it’s arguing politics, disciplining my son, being patient, understanding where my wife is coming from, taking responsibility for my speech and actions, or anything else, I’m sometimes a lousy witness.   More times than not, I’m really bad at it.   Thank God Jesus is God and that He is more patient with me than I am with Him and the job He has given to me.   I work hard to walk the walk but I don’t usually do it very well.   Often times, even mockers point this out to me.  They’re not unlike James, telling me “duh, Dave.   Even I know that.”

What to do about it?   First and always, remember that the cure for the common sin is Jesus.  Time in the Word, time in prayer, time reminding myself of the Word and prayer, time contemplating the Word and prayer:  all these things are the ways we overcome sin’s temptations and temporal consequences.   We grow through these things, and get our lives in line with where Jesus would have me so that our words and actions become obvious evidence of deep belief that even un-believers or demons could understand.

Lord, steep me in Your Word.   Teach me to improve myself so that I can live more evidently for You.


How have you not walked the walk?

Is your faith hidden or public?

What are you doing that matters?


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