Daily Proverbial, from James, 6 November 2013.

Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go.  James 3, verse 4.

What guides you?   You know this is a continuation of what we talked about yesterday.   That conversation was about being led by having a bit in your mouth; that the tongue – our words – can steer and control us left and right, forward or backward.  The captain of a ship turns a wheel, which is connected to the rudder, and the ship moves left, right or straight.    So it is with what we say.  Don’t lose sight of the concept of taming the tongue; that’s where James is going in this section of Scripture.   But before we go back there, stop and ask yourself a question.  What guides you?

Are you addicted to online porn, can’t get enough of watching whatever trips your trigger?  Are you obsessed with watching ‘that show’ on TV?   Are you a gamer who can’t wait for the new PS4?  Do you thrive on knowing everyone’s business?  Does work control your day; do you live to work or work to live?   How many hours per week – or day – do you hang out on Facebook…and why?  What about your kids:  do they run your life?

Mind you, not all these things are bad.   TV can be entertaining; ditto Facebook.   Work is a blessing, and kids are always a gift from God.   Porn is indefensible, but you get the drift.   Whatever it is that you allow to steer your life will indeed steer it for you.   Drugs, booze, affairs, pornography, thrills, denial, co-dependence:  all those bad things can easily steer your ship.   So can kids, church, family, friends, Bible blogs, Billy Graham Crusades, and home cooked meals.   Do those things while neglecting what’s in front of you and they, too, can end up in the negative column.

What’s the point?   You know it.   The strong wind of Jesus blows in your life whether you open up your sails or not.   Why not let Him serve as both the means and the mechanism by which you live in your days?   Don’t just go through life:  LIVE it.   The more you live in Jesus, the more you see that the only life worth living is in Him.  The more you live in Him, the more you see that He is both rudder on the ship, water in which you said, wind to move your sails, and North Star by which to guide them.   We can either ride the voyage as a passenger or get involved with making it all go forward.   What say you?

What guides you?

Jesus, guide me today.   Guide me, preserve me, correct me, forgive me, empower me to be Your witness wherever today takes me.


What things in life guide you and why?

When was the last time you considered whether or not what guides you is a good thing?

Where in your life is Jesus guiding you now?


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