Daily Proverbial, from James, 13 November 2013

 Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.  James 3, verses 11-12

You:   person of many contrasts:  listen up!   Jesus isn’t asking you to do something you can’t do.  He is asking you to be holy, like Him.   You can do it…there is a way.

Are you out of your freakin mind?

I’m serious.   I’m not asking you to do something uncharacteristic, or something that you’re unable to do.   I’m not asking you to give up anything that is truly good or in live in regret.   You don’t have to do something unnatural or something that you weren’t born to do.   Nobody is asking you to be unhappy.

On its own, a wellspring can’t produce both salt and fresh water.   On its own, a fig tree can’t bear olives, nor can a grapevine bear figs.  They can’t change their nature.   It would take a miracle to change that.

On your own, you can’t be holy, or give up nature, or really be happy.   That may be a tough thing to read, but it’s true.  You and me, we can rail against that fact and, if we’re honest, that wouldn’t be surprising.   Railing against what is – against the I AM – is the very nature of sin.   We do it with our big indiscretions and our small ones.  On our own, we can’t give that up.   It’s in OUR very nature.

Jesus changes all that.   Changes it in radical, unconventional ways.  Jesus takes our contrasts and turns them around.   Instead of our self-gratification, our sins are changed into Jesus’ glorification.  And He does it for us.   He did it for us.   He did it to enable us to be holy.   On our own, we can’t do that.   On our own, our nature is that we’re grapevines that can’t grow figs, but we can grow poisoned grapes.   We are a poisoned spring.

Want to change that?   Believe in Jesus.

With Jesus – with our asking Him to change all things for us – we can be made holy, made righteous, made new.   All we have to do is believe.   Believe in your heart.   It isn’t hard to do.   We can say “I love you” and mean it to other people.   Say that to Jesus.   He says it to you and me in every possible blessing.  “I love You and I believe in You.”   Say that and things start to change.   It’s something you CAN do.   It’s something you can do to take hold of what He has already done for you.   It’s not getting religion:   it’s embracing Jesus.   It’s Jesus making you holy.  The Jesus who loves people of contrasts like me and you.

Lord who loves me, thank You for living and dying for me.   My sins contrast how I want to live for You.   Forgive me and change me.


What are your contrasts?

Have you talked with Jesus lately?

If not, why not and what’s stopping you now?


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