Daily Proverbial, from James, 20 November 2013

Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic.  James 3, verse 15.

My ways are demonic.   Satanic.   Evil.   Sinful.   Damning.   Deadly.   Need I go on?  When I rely on myself, the ways I do that are demonic.  Ouch.   I mean, James really brings it even across time.    It hurts to realize that, whenever I even mildly transgress, I’m demonic.   So are you.

And that’s why it hurts.  You see, we try.   You try.   I try.  I really try.   Consistently I fail, though.   Case in point:  just this past weekend.   My mom is moving into assisted living in the next few months, and to do that means an awful lot of work for all of us in her family.   The house needs to be cleaned out.   Possessions must be sorted.  New living arrangements must be made.   New medical providers found.   A new church, new acquaintances, just a lot of work.

My reaction?   Anger.   Self-pity.   When I saw how much work needed to be done to make all this happen, I immediately reacted with selfish anger.  “Woe is me because I have SO MUCH to do!”   Why can’t she do these things herself?   Doesn’t anybody know how much I already have on my plate?  There are so many things that need to be done to get her moved, and than so many more that need to be done to close out the house.

Pity party.   Consider yourself, Dave, and all that stuff you have on your plate.   After all, there are only so many hours in the day, and even though 2014 isn’t even underway yet, you already have so much that’s planned.  Boo freakin hoo.  

Worse, that’s the wisdom of the world.    According to James – and Jesus – that ‘wisdom’ is earthly, unspiritual, and demonic.   It’s as old as Eden, and is the same tactic the devil used on Eve back then.  At the moment when I should be most caring, I’m more self-centered.  Some son I am.   Some follower of God.

There’s a better way.

Reject the world’s wisdom and seek Christ’s.   Christ is along for the ride, you know; He’s part of our planning for where Mom moves next.  Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and then be still.  God is involved in the plans we’re making and, since He’s there, whatever happens will be ok.   Jesus was the only son who never failed His Father.   All the rest of us?   He saved us from ourselves so we could be forgiven, be redeemed, and be there for each other.

Which is what I’ll be when we move Mom in a few months.   It’s a tough thing to give up 70 years of belongings, but thank God that she’s willing to do so willingly.   Moving is her idea, not mine.   She sees that it’s time.   Thank God, too, that He lets us see time as well despite our demonic ways.


Saving Jesus, save me from my demonic thoughts and renew my wandering heart.


What ideas do you have that are demonic?

Do you grasp the depth of what demonic really means?

What are you willing to do to change?


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