Daily Proverbial, from James, 6 December 2013

But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.” James 4, verse 6.

Jesus longs for us and wants to hold us with Him forever. But we set ourselves up as enemies of Him when we bask in our selfish pride.

That sucks.

Grace doesn’t.

A friend of mine was reading through the book of Ephesians and said that the message exploded in his understanding like a huge grace bomb. If you want to know more, check out gracebomb.com to see the music cooperative that he started for Christian artists to share their music. But before you go there, consider Bill Brimer’s point: grace explodes in our life like a huge love bomb.

If you woke up this morning, you’re in God’s grace. If you have clothes to wear, a bed, anything to eat, sense from your senses, and if you’re able to read this, you’re swimming in God’s grace. He dropped it on your life, onto your soul, like a huge bomb that exploded away the wreckage of your sins. Everything that you had ever done to pry yourself away from Jesus or His perfect love stained you. God blew all of that up with His grace.

He did it when we least expected it, namely when we didn’t deserve it. He did it when you were contemplating how much you hate your teacher. He did it when I refused to back out of the fight even though I realized long ago that it was going nowhere. He did it when you walked into the strip club. He did it when I flipped the bird to the guy in the next lane. He did it on Christmas morning when the present you wanted wasn’t under the tree and you sulked. He did it when I was too proud.

The thing is, we least deserve it during every breath we take. Every breath is a gift given in God’s grace. All we need to do is humbly acknowledge it. All we need to do is lay down our pride and submit ourselves to Jesus. Once we do that, things begin to change. He changes things for us, around us, in us, about us. Maybe we don’t become rich or maybe we do; wealth is irrelevant. Maybe we have health or maybe we don’t; it doesn’t matter. Maybe our dreams come true or maybe they don’t; Jesus is better.

The cure for the common sin is Jesus. Jesus longs for us, longing to share His love with us. He loves us through His grace. And Jesus pours His grace on us like a waterfall. Like a bomb. It explodes in our lives like a bomb, like a giant grace bomb.

Graceful Lord, explode in my life, wreck my sins of old, and pour Your holy, wonderful grace into my heart.

How has Jesus exploded in your life?

How do you still want Him to?

What does grace mean to you?

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