Daily Proverbial, from James, 20 January 2014

And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven.  James 5, verse 15.

Let’s get something on the table right now.   This verse is not saying that, if you’re sick, it’s because you’ve sinned, or that it’s always your fault.   Let’s also discuss another truth:   sickness is due to sin, and sin is a kind of sickness.   And we are sinful.   We’re sinful, and because sin is a sickness, we’re sick.

God works through medicine.   Personally, I think the restorative therapeutic power of modern medicine is a gift from God.   When someone is healed by medicine, I truly believe that it is God, working through the doctors or the drugs or the treatments, that does the healing.   Do I have any empirical proof of that?   No, I don’t.   It’s simply what I believe because Scripture says God can and does heal.

But that’s the beautiful thing about faith in Christ.   When you’re very, very sick, faith is more important than ever.   One of my friends here in Texas has an inoperable brain tumor.   We’ve been friends for several years now and I’ve gotten to know him better in this time of illness.  I won’t tell you anything he wouldn’t:  the doctors don’t know whether or not the tumor will eventually claim him.   He has had surgery, is taking various treatments, has had regression and progress both, and has had the emotional, physical and spiritual up’s and down’s you’d expect with fighting cancer.

Yet even in those spiritual downs, I know that my friend knows God is healing him.   The tumor is irrelevant.   The healing is from the inside out, in the chance to connect people with Jesus through this condition nobody would ever want.   We talk more.   We attend a men’s Bible study together.  And we’ve gotten to know each other better.   In my friend, I see a man of God.   A frail, faulted, sometimes frivolous man like me or you or any other, but also a man of God because he’s sharing how every day is a gift and how every good gift is from God.   When I think of God healing through medicine, I think of my friend now.  I hope we get to do Vegas one day, or open that bottle of Jack Daniels I brought him in the hospital.   But if we don’t, some day in a place where days and time no longer matter, we’ll look back and laugh and be glad, saying “Glory to God, wasn’t all that a kick in the head?”

I pray for my friend regularly.   If you have a sick loved one, pray earnestly for them   Whether the sickness stays or flees, God is at work in them from your prayers.  He is healing them in many different ways

Lord, I’m sick.   Heal me and use my life to heal others for Your glory.


Do you believe in the healing power of prayer?

Have you ever seen someone healed, or read about it, or heard about it?


One thought on “Daily Proverbial, from James, 20 January 2014

  1. Reblogged this on The Cancer Letters and commented:
    Today marks 5 years since my cancer surgery and the beginning of a lifetime of treatments. At that time and still now is the question of what a “lifetime” will mean. Prayers then by so many of my fellow believers and prayers now I believe have had a lot to do with the five years (so far). Prayers to guide my physician’s hands ( which thankfully I have been fortunate to have some of the best). Prayers to watch over my family that has been so effected by this journey. This post is so true. The fellow that is being referenced is a very brave warrior in the battle. God bless them all.

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