Daily Proverbial, from Ruth, 13 February 2014

Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.  Ruth 1, verse 17.

Here the deal is sealed.   In Naomi’s greatest time of need, God reaches out through Ruth to show her selfless love.   Then He seals the deal.  “Naomi, I love you and want to be with you always, even when I die.  God please curse me forever if this is not true.”   She, family but stranger all at once, said she would rather die than be with anyone else but Naomi.

That blows me away.  

When was the last time I seriously considered words like Ruth’s?   God considers them every day.   In the worst of my sins and in the moments when I am most depraved, He still considers me worth dying for…because He did.  Wherever I go, He wants to be with me.  Wherever I go, He wants me to want Him to be there always.   Whatever I do in life, Jesus wants me to know that He died for me so that those million worries wouldn’t have to worry me anymore.   Jesus wants me – and you – to know that in every moment, He was more than willing to be murdered so that the Holy Lord God Almighty would see Him in me when the time comes for my life to be reckoned with.   Jesus wants me to know that EVERY moment is our time of reckoning and that, in them all, He wants to be with me until I die because He wants me to be with Him forever.

It totally blows me away.  Paul said that, every now and then, we would meet good men who would be willing to sacrifice for us, maybe even die, for us.  Naomi met such a person.   In Ruth she found the one who would love her unconditionally.   She didn’t know this same woman would bear the family that would, directly, one day birth the  Savior who would do much more than Ruth could.

Yesterday morning, I woke up early.   Between the dream I can’t remember now, the cat sleeping on my feet, and just being done sleeping, I woke up early.   When I wake up that early, it’s easy to let a million thoughts stream through my too-active-too-early mind.  Worries about work, about traveling in-laws getting in safely, about grandchild, money, getting a new light bulb for my car, how will I get all my work done today, losing weight; worldly stuff, none of it really urgent but all on my mind all at once.  Every day the worries of this world crowd me in and try to drown out the simple, amazing fact of Jesus’ sacrifice.   How refreshing it is, then, to read of other people who emulate what Jesus did without ever having known Him.   It blows me away.


Lord, thank You for your sacrifice.   Your grace is everything, and I praise only You for it.


Read Ruth 14-16 again.


Have you ever met someone who would die for you?

Who would you die for?

What do Ruth’s words make you think?



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