Practical Proverbial, from Ruth, 1 April 2014

Meanwhile Boaz went up to the town gate and sat down there just as the guardian-redeemer he had mentioned came along. Boaz said, “Come over here, my friend, and sit down.” So he went over and sat down. Ruth 4, verse 1.

I’m thinking of writing a management book.  In truth, I think management and self-help books are dreadfully boring.  Usually I don’t read them, preferring to rely on the Word, experience, mentoring from good coaches, and advice from friends in how to deal with various situations.  So it may surprise you when I say that I’m thinking of writing a self-help book on good management principles.   This book would be centered on management principles found in the Bible.  One of them is contained in verse 1 of Ruth 4:  Interaction.

If you want to manage an issue, interact.   Don’t just communicate.   Don’t just become informed.   Don’t just be friendly.   Interact.  Actively interact in a Godly manner.   Get down in the dirt, get real, and get busy.

That’s what Boaz did.   He’s seeking out information on the status of his prospective bride.   As was the custom of his people, he wanted to preserve Ruth’s dignity (and his own) by deferring to another potential suitor if, in fact, that suitor was interested in Ruth.  Boaz didn’t get on Facebook to dish about the other guy.   He didn’t hang out at Starbucks looking like some west coast coffee house stereotype.   And he didn’t play hard to get, or get bent out of shape that he had to put himself out in public. 

Boaz interacted.   He put himself into a situation and then participated in it; he put forth effort to do something he wouldn’t otherwise have done, something unusual dictated by unusual circumstances.   Boaz acted rather than reacted, and he did so to avoid conflict.   What’s more, he sought out the other man in friendship.   There were matters to be discussed; serious matters of the future and peoples’ welfare.  Boaz got involved, got his information, by getting interactive.   In the verses to come, we get to see how well he succeeded.

And that’s why I’m thinking of writing a book about people like Boaz and how Biblical principles and practices are good management advice.

Jesus, show me where You want me to interact today.   Put me in front of people, and in situations, and wherever You want me to be so that I might be Your ambassador.


Read Ruth 4.



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