Practical Proverbial, from Ruth, 10 April 2014

So Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife. When he made love to her, the Lord enabled her to conceive, and she gave birth to a son.  Ruth 4, verse 13.

This verse is pro-life.  Now, I’m not going to harangue you with my views on abortion, conception, pre-marital sex, venereal disease, or anything like that; if you’d like to talk about those, call or email me.   No, I’m going to talk about life as a whole, about living.

Boaz married Ruth and they made love, just like almost every other couple does.  They did it as a reflection of love, as a reflection of blessings, as a reflection of their happiness as a couple, for the fun, and as a reflection of God.   God in sex?  

Think about it.  God gives us this extraordinary thing.   Biologically, like all species, it’s how we maintain the population.   But, more than that, sex is intimate.   It isn’t animal:  it’s spiritual. It is as intimate as two people can be, sharing their most vulnerable emotions and personal behaviors.   You wouldn’t get naked with just anyone; not even Hugh Hefner would do that (although I wonder).  Sex is too good to simply share arbitrarily.  

I know teens who are graduating high school and are still virgins.  But I also know folks who use sex as a weapon.   And I know people who could count their sex partners only with the help of an adding machine.   When I was younger, I put sex on a pedestal, thinking it was the most important thing in a relationship.   Chalk that up to being a horny young man…but not really.   Instead, chalk it up to being spiritually immature (as well as physically awkward).

Boaz and Ruth weren’t.   Ruth, at least, had been married before.   They understood physical compatibility, passion, and the bond between a naked man and woman who shed their inhibitions.   They understood these things because they understood being joined by God in something wonderful.   God made marriage to be a personal, public representation of His own personality, a way we could experience Him communally but also in an intensely personal way.

God made sex to be about life, about living.  Rocks don’t have sex.   Air and water and light don’t have sex.   But living things do; people do.   God made the reproductive act to be a shared blessing of both biological primacy and personal interactive pleasure.   It’s no mistake that two people making love can produce children.  Jesus made this gift for people to draw closer to Him by being as close to each other as they can be.   He gave sex to us for us to enjoy when we are in union not just with our bodies, but also in union with Him in our spirit. 

Lord, Your gift of sex is wonderful.   Thank You and encourage me to use and enjoy this gift only in ways to bring glory to You.


Read Ruth 4.


How do you value sex?

When you’re with someone, have you ever prayed “God bless our lovemaking?”

Have you ever considered God is involved when you’re having sex?


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