Practical Proverbial, from Ruth, 17 April 2014

Then Naomi took the child in her arms and cared for him. The women living there said, “Naomi has a son!” And they named him Obed. He was the father of Jesse, the father of David.  Ruth 4, verses 16 and 17.

I’m a grandfather now.   You’ve heard me briefly mention my grandson, who was born January 23 of this year:   Thomas Nolan who, in my humble opinion, is the cutest grand-baby ever.  My wife and I are finding that it’s more fun to be a grandparent than it was to be a parent.   There are many reasons for that, I’m sure, but it simply is what it is.

Thomas is my son.  Now my daughter and son-in-law may take issue with that statement, but he’s my grandSON.  It’s a blood relationship and it’s an emotional bond.   Being a generation removed from him doesn’t mean he is less of a son to me.   He is my direct descendant.  We are family, just like Sister Sledge sang.  And we are more than that.

Get ready to be blown away.

You are my son.   You are my daughter.   You are my brother, sister, father and mother.  You and I, we are family as well.   Words like “I believe” and “I do” are enough to bind us together in our Father.  He created us.   We alienated ourselves from Him.   He lived, died, and rose to adopt us.   And we say “I believe” to accept the bond He freely extends outward to us.   We are adopted back into His family and we are family together.

When Ruth married Boaz, she was already family to Naomi.   When she married Boaz, that bond deepened even more.   And when she bore her son, the bond became even stronger.   It was no longer just vows that bound them (as if those vows were not enough).   Instead, blood tied them together.  What God brought together with words of affirmation was solidified in an act of love that bore God’s miracle of life.  Family.

Jesus’s family, his physical lineage stretched back to the baby Naomi held in her arms, yet Jesus’ blood makes us family.   We are adopted into Jesus’ family simply by His resurrected love.  That makes Ruth, Obed, Boaz and Naomi our family as well.   Obed grew up to be King David’s grandfather, and King David was the forebear of the King of Kings Himself.   Next time you got to church, take a look around you.   The people seated there aren’t just your friends.   They are family.   Sunday morning is a family reunion.   This coming Sunday will be an extra special one.

It’ll be special, in part, because it’s Thomas Nolan’s first Easter.   Next year, he will be able to go to church and clap along, to hunt chocolate eggs, and to talk up at dinner.   He’s my family.   You are too.

Jesus, thank You for family.  Thank You for ALL my family, even those I don’t yet know.


Read Ruth 4


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