Practical Proverbial, the Ten Commandments, 6 May 2014

Have you read up on your Bible history lately?

The second book of the Bible is Exodus.   The Bible goes from the story of creation, the Flood, man’s anti-deluvian struggles, and the story of the favored family of Abraham and how God made that family into the nation of Israel.  Genesis ends with the story of Joseph and how God provided for Israel by using Joseph’s status as second in command in Egypt.   A book that started as an expression of love ends with the death of Joseph, a happy Israel and, most importantly, a story of God’s providence to a people who had rebelled against Him.

Then it all goes to pot.  After Joseph comes a pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph or God.   Said king then enslaved the Israelites, where they languished for 400 years.  Folks can lose heart in such a long period of time.   They can grow bitter and hopeless.   But the Israelites at least clung to the hope that God would send a deliverer who would lead them out of slavery.   After centuries, when the time was just right, God sent Moses:   an imperfect vain man who God mentored and led in magnificent ways.   Through Moses, God delivered Israel, provided for all their needs, and demonstrated His love in countless ways.

You’d think the Israelites would have been grateful, oh ye of little faith.   That’s who they were, you know:   they of little faith.   They believed in the miracles but lost faith (and their way) when the miracles receded and life remained hard.   To help them cling to their faith in Him, God gave them His code, His laws, His Ten Commandments so that they might better know Him.   That they might better let Him live through them and share His holy love.

Tell me, friend reader, how are you or I different from the weak-in-faith Israelites of millennia ago?  Do we cling to faith in God and rely on Him fully, or do we sometimes skirt over the yellow line and verge into the no passing zone?   Are we so good, so advanced, that we don’t need boundaries in our lives as well?  Throughout governments across the planet, there are more laws on the books now than at any other time in human history.   And still we cross the yellow line.   Arguably, there are more lives in slavery to government, social ills, and sickness of the human spirit than ever before.

Do we cling to faith in God and let it govern our lives, or do we still need boundaries, guides, and rules?   Without rules, civilization descends quickly into chaos.   Without faith, we soon find that there is no civilization at all;    anarchy results starting with anarchy of the spirit.  We are no better than Moses and the Israelites because we still struggle with that same anarchy of the spirit.   God’s chosen people needed God’s boundaries to live long and prosperous lives.  They needed the Lord’s Ten Commandments.

So do we.  History indeed; history in the making.  Come back tomorrow and we’ll start our walk through the Ten Commandments together.

Lord, I need Your holy law to see Your holy love.   Write Your law and love on my heart.


If you haven’t done so, read Exodus chapters 1 through 19.



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