Practical Proverbial, the Ten Commandments, 26 May 2014

You shall not commit adultery. Exodus chapter 20, verse 14.

The cure for the common sin is Jesus.   Adultery is no uncommon sin, however, at least not from mankind’s point of view.   It is visceral, cutting to the core of every relationship and every interpersonal reaction.   It destroys family, friendships, faith, trust, confidence, finances, marriages, and about anything it touches. If you have a conscience, it cuts you to the core when you realize what your lack of vigilance wrought. If you let them in, the bad feelings can (rightfully) lead you to regret, anguish, anger, and hurt.   Yet, if you let it happen, those feelings can take root and become something so insidious and malicious that you might just lose yourself in the darkness.

So I go back to the opening statement:   the cure for the common sin is Jesus. Not a medicine: a cure.   Not just a friend to lean on and a cleansing wash of the soul: a cure. A means of changing something bad into something very good.

Let it start with friendship.   Let Jesus plant the friendship and let Him guide it.   Just yesterday, my wife and I were driving through Denton here in North Texas. On the side of the road sat a homeless man.   A vagrant, dirty, disheveled, disgusting looking old white man whose life had obviously taken him down some very nasty roads.   Who knows if adultery was involved; it doesn’t really matter. Something terrible had happened to land this poor man in such a predicament.

Sitting there beside him, holding onto a cross, was a young woman.   A young black woman who let Jesus guide her an extra few steps to sit beside this stranger and become his friend.   If you ask me, it was the most profound thing I’ve seen all year.   We saw God at work.

With God at work, nothing is impossible. The unfaithfulness of the soul that is adultery, the breach of relationship that we cause between ourselves and God and ourselves and others, the selfish flaunting of the rules and the blatant disregard for others:   all these things that are adultery are made right by the friendship blood of Jesus.   Letting Him get to work in scouring out the open sore of our sins is the first step towards making things right.

And in making things right, things change.   I wish there could be a happy ending for every situation; most don’t end happily.   Mine did, but in letting Jesus work, what was once before is no longer.   Things changed.   We changed, mostly for the better.   Jesus promises a cure, not the status quo.   Thank God for that because the status quo nearly killed me.   The cure for the common sin is Jesus, and the more we trust Him, the more we see that every sin is common.

Lord, thank You.   Just thank You.


Read Exodus chapter 9, the plagues on livestock, of boils and hail.   You’d think that would have swayed Pharaoh…



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