Practical Proverbial, from Mark, 10 October 2014

News about him spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee – Mark 1, verse 28.

News travels fast. I live in Frisco, Texas where the big story this week is Ebola. On the day the first Ebola patient in America died (in Dallas, which is only a few miles away), a second possible patient was found here in my town.   Within minutes of the story hitting the electronic universe, it was everywhere.   Some were panicking; some (like me) were curious; some were blasé. Thankfully, the man’s Ebola test came back negative. News travels fast.

Think about it.   When we learn something important, most people want to share it. Whether it’s good news or bad news, we have something to say and we want to say it.   After taking the summer off, I could honestly not wait to come back to this blog and write about Jesus.   I was excited and refreshed, having prayed and contemplated what I would say to you, and what you might think or say in return.   Some folks receive these words by email, some on Facebook, some on Twitter, some on the blog.   In all, it travels to about four thousand people per day on five continents, all through the modern-day miracle of internet technology.

Word gets around, you know.

It did in Galilee during the time of Jesus. I like to think that, even though those people didn’t have social media, they could quickly spread news by just word of mouth.   You know the cynicism about “a lie can run around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”   Let’s get real:   that’s true.   Yet let’s keep it real by admitting that good news travels fast as well.   It’s dependent on God’s grace (through opportunities for communication) and the person who is communicating.

That’s how, in only a few short years, news about an obscure, small-town rabbi with powerful teaching spread quickly. It happened by word of mouth, by one person talking with another. It happened because people talked about what He said and did.   His following grew in spite of a dictatorial government oppressing the people of Judea, and in spite of the vicious opposition by those in the power structure (who cooperated with the occupying dictators). Jesus’ following grew exponentially because people talked about Him.   They were amazed that someone was in their midst who was saying and doing the things Jesus did. Someone who appeared to fulfill the prophecies they had been reading for so many centuries.

Because He did.

And when He did, news about it spread quickly, first throughout Galilee, then throughout all of the known world. Because news travels fast when people talk.

So let me ask you this:   if you know that the Son of God came here, lived and died and rose from death to pay for all the junk you’ve ever done, what are you going to do with that news?   Mind you, my friend, I’m not saying this to guilt you:   I’m honestly asking you.   You and I have this real good news, this Gospel of Jesus, and it’s true.   It’s news.   What are we going to do with it?   What are you prepared to do?

Lord, thank You for living and dying to pay a price I can’t. Help me to share news about You in all I do and say today.

Read John 4, verses 1-3, and Luke 4, verse 37.

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