Practical Proverbial, from Mark, 26 March 2015

 They went out and preached that people should repent. They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them. Mark 6, verses 12-13.

This is the other half of the story we talked about the other day.   The other day, we talked about how Jesus empowered His disciples to go out and do these things.   Now comes the proof that they did them.   They went.   They acted.   They forgave and healed.   They ‘brought it.’   They ‘did;’ they didn’t just ‘try.’

That matters.   It matters because we can’t just talk.   We have to do something about it. Talking is good preparation but if we’re talking about doing and not actually doing, then we may just be accomplishing nothing. It’s not that God needs our works.   He doesn’t.   God doesn’t need us to do anything to earn the favor He already gave us through His Son being murdered for all the wrongs we’ve done.   Instead – and here’s the shocker – we need it.   We need other people to bring the message of Jesus to us. When we know about the Good News, we NEED to share it with other people, to pass it on down the line because other people need it too.   In all this, actions really do speak louder than words (even though it is the Word putting itself into practice through our actions).

It’s like work.   You can talk about work or you can do work.   I’m helping to lead a team of 20+ people who are executing a project.   They’re executing a project we planned for nearly 2 years, one that we began and had to table last year (thanks to politicians).   For many weeks and months, those of us acting as project caretakers talked about doing things.   We planned, organized, discussed, met, and rehearsed; that was all we could do at the time and it was preparation for things to come.   Now the leadership team has hired the people and I’m helping to manage their work.   In just a matter of a few weeks, their hard work has taken us from 5% complete to almost 30% complete.   They did it by DOING, by putting into practice the things we had planned for them and then empowered them to do.   I couldn’t be prouder to be part of a group than I am to be part of this one.

“Do or do not.   There is no try.”   Yoda said that in The Empire Strikes Back.   And Yoda was a Jedi master (as well as just a movie character). Jesus is real, and really asks us to do for Him, to commit through Him in whatever we do because, when we do that, we can do anything. The Disciples found that out.

Whether we knew it or not, in those movies, Yoda channeled Jesus. Jesus is the original Yoda, the original “do, not try” man.   And Jesus’ message is “do through Me.   There is no trying in Me.   There is doing.   I want you to do through Me.” That’s what He told Peter, John and the rest to do, and that’s what they did. They did it in the mighty name of King Jesus who can do anything.   Through Him, so can we.

Lord, help me to do for You, not just to try.

Read Mark 6, verses 14-29.


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