Practical Proverbial, from Mark, 30 June 2015

Then a cloud appeared and covered them, and a voice came from the cloud: “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him!” Mark 9, verse 7

Hello again, my friend.   I took last week off to spend time with my family at a beach house in south Texas. During that time, the Supreme Court mandated that same sex marriage was legal under the Constitution.   No, I’m not going to discuss that issue here, and no I’m not going to expound on my views concerning it.   I’ll simply ask this question:   would we listen if God was talking to us about His Son?

Just tonight, I was reading online about famous atheists like Brangelina, Jodie Foster, Seth McFarlane, Kevin Bacon, Julianne Moore, Morgan Freeman and others. They supposedly wouldn’t listen to God because they don’t believe He exists; this from their own words. I wonder if they’ll listen when He talks with them once their days here on this Earth are done.   By that time it’ll be too late.

Does that mean we should listen to God in part out of fear about what would happen if we didn’t?   In part, yes. Do you obey traffic laws in fear of getting caught if you don’t, or do you do so sometimes because it’s just the right thing to do?   I’m betting your answer is “a little bit of both,” and that seems about right.   I’d say it even seems Godly because God says ‘trust me’ and that’s hard to do when we can’t even see the One who’s asking us to trust Him.   It’s natural to feel some hesitation about believing without seeing, but we do it every day.

How comforting (and shocking) it must have felt, then, for Peter, James and John to hear God the Father Himself proclaiming “This is my Son, whom I love.   Listen to Him!” We’ve talked about how they must have felt fear and trepidation at the transfiguration.   But how must it have felt to have God the Father actively talking to them? I’m betting it was moving, and intimidating, and maybe even humbling.   Do you think they listened?   Their actions later bore it out.

So would we listen if God was talking with us about His Son?   Atheists pose this question over and over, and I’ve always wondered where they go for comfort when terrible things happen to them. Gay activists have been posing it all weekend, many of them throwing the faith of believers right back in our faces (to be honest, that kind of a gut check isn’t all bad).

Perhaps in reading today’s verse we can find that God is ALWAYS talking to us about His Son.   He does it in these words.   He does it in civil debate over contentious issues, imploring us in silence to always come to Him first for any and all answers.   He does it in the magnificence of nature, in the random safety of a million interactions in the city, in the miracles of living, and in every wave that washes up on the beach.   He may even be speaking to us through this debate on how to follow Him through the tangled mess we’ve made of marriage. God the Father may not speak to us in His own voice to our ears, but He does speak to us directly to our hearts through His Word and these verses.

Lord, I hear Your voice even when I don’t always listen.   Thank You for Your voice and Your patience with me.

Read Mark 9, verses 1-13.



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