Practical Proverbial, from Mark, 15 July 2015

So they brought him. When the spirit saw Jesus, it immediately threw the boy into a convulsion. He fell to the ground and rolled around, foaming at the mouth. Mark 9, verse 20.

In the face of real human tragedy, suffering, terror, and the uncertainty of a world spinning out of control, evil always surrenders to Jesus Christ.   It always has; it always will.   At the end of time, the love of Jesus will triumph and grow, while the pity of evil will be consigned to be banished forever.

Buzz, Tom, Mark, and Eric.   Those are the names of four men close to me who have battled cancer in the last few years.   Two of them lost the battle; one is in the ICU right now, fighting; one is in chronic treatment.   Cancer is evil; there’s no other way to adequately describe it.   Statistically speaking, more folks are dying of cancer today, probably because other diseases have been eradicated or are under control.   But when it comes, it comes with insidious evil.   Yet don’t forget this key point: cancer is subject to Jesus, and if Jesus wants to confront your cancer, your cancer loses.

Nuclear deal with Iran. Our nation has negotiated deal with the devil because the devil in Iran has said, over and over, that they want to acquire nuclear weapons to use them against America and America’s allies.   I don’t know what our leaders are thinking, assuming that there are rational people in control in Iran but the fact is there aren’t.   They’re fanatics and they want to destroy us.   And they may get that chance…but let’s not forget something critical:   against Jesus, nuclear weapons, fanatical Muslims, and lame-brained agreements that aren’t worth the paper they’re signed on are powerless and futile.

Changing dynamics in America. In case you haven’t noticed, of late, American society has gone through some pretty hefty social upheavals.   The government has reached farther into peoples’ lives than any time since the 1930s.   Gay marriage has been legalized, and racial tensions are at highs not seen in forty years.   Compared to Jesus these are meaningless and don’t matter one single bit.

Depression that comes and goes. I’ve battled depression all my life.   Maybe it stems from trying to please an overbearing mother and a disinterested father.   Perhaps I’m trying to work past my own insecurities. It could be that depression really is just a neuro-chemical imbalance; I honestly don’t know.   And I honestly could care less because it doesn’t matter.   Jesus is stronger than my depression.   In fact, His love and His hope are the only real cure for it.

None of this should be surprising. The boy who was demon possessed was brought to Jesus. Before Jesus could even speak to it, the demon threw the boy into convulsions.   It could see that Jesus was more powerful than anything it could conjure. The best that our worldly troubles can do is cancer, war, upheaval, and hurt; the best evil could do to the boy was to torture him from within.   Yet those evil troubles are powerless against Jesus and they know it.   It shouldn’t surprise us when evil plagues us; evil preys on us when we’re weak.   And it shouldn’t, then, surprise us how evil cowers in terror when exposed to the love, hope and peace of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, You are stronger than anything.   You are stronger than the evils that plague me.   Work in my life to overcome them, and help me work for You to help others overcome theirs.

Read Mark 9, verses 14-29.


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