Practical Proverbial, from Mark, 20 July 2015

“‘If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Mark 9, verse 23.

But what if what I want to do doesn’t happen?   Before moving on to one of the most profound statements in Scripture, we need to tackle this really tough question.

What if I’m praying earnestly, believing honestly, submitting reverently to Jesus and I still can’t move the mountain?   What if I’ve prayed for healing and healing hasn’t occurred?   What if I’ve tried and failed, repeatedly?   Is it my fault?   Is my faith inadequate?   Has Jesus given up on me?

What easy questions for a Monday…

Before giving an answer, may I refer you back to the verse.   Don’t go down the rabbit hole of doubt without firmly realizing that nothing you do, and nothing you don’t do, could shake Jesus off you.   Everything that we are, everything we think or say or do is under Jesus’ dominion, and nothing in all creation happens without His knowing of it.   When Jesus says everything is possible for one who believes, He means it.   He means it in ALL circumstances, at all times, even when we feel lost.

What if you pray earnestly and the mountain (either physical or rhetorical) doesn’t move?   Is it all about you, my friend?   It’s not about you or me, you know, and just because I may pray for something to happen doesn’t mean that God, who is omniscient and omnipresent, will allow it.   You and I simply have to trust that God has a purpose, that things are arranged as they are for His higher purposes.   So rather than getting wrapped around “why not” (or even “why”), perhaps the better approach is to simply say “thank you, Lord” for whatever is and adjust our prayers accordingly.

What if my prayers aren’t answered and healing doesn’t occur?   I’ve thought a lot about that recently.   Two friends of mine have died in the last year.   My aunt died a few months ago.  My own mom died just last October, and though I prayed earnestly for healing, that physical healing didn’t happen.   Does that mean my prayers weren’t answered?   Not at all.   Indeed, I know in my heart that Tom, Mark, June and Mom are in heaven, with Jesus, living out eternity as a reward for their faith.  Indeed, again, my prayers WERE answered in that I know this simple truth to be simply truth.  What’s more, some of my other friends and family who are dealing with dread conditions are still very much alive and kicking here, teaching lessons with their very presence.   Those are bountifully answered prayers.

Finally, is it my fault, and is my faith inadequate?   And Has Jesus given up on me?   Not in any way, my friend, and you know this in your heart to be true, even when your heart is clouded in our human doubt. Put your hand on your artery and feel your pulse.   Blink your eyes a few times.   Breathe in and breathe out.   The thing you feel is life, and that life is a gift from Jesus Himself.   If you can feel, you’re alive.   That means Jesus hasn’t abandoned you because, as long as you live, He will always be with us.   No amount of faith or fault can shake that:   He promised it when He left, saying He would be with us always.   That includes now, in our doubt, when our faith is shaken, even when we do all we can and what we desire doesn’t come to pass.

Lord, I need to say it again: I believe that, through You, everything is possible.

Read Mark 9, verses 14-29.


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