Practical Proverbial, from Mark, 2 October 2015.

Throwing his cloak aside, he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus. Mark 10, verse 50.

When was the last time you REALLY got excited about something?

Yesterday was a go-live at my client.   Yesterday, the ICD-10 diagnosis codes went live at every health insurance company in the United States, and at every hospital, doctor’s office, medical facility, or healthcare provider of any kind, including my client.   Starting yesterday and going forward, if you receive medical services that are processed at any healthcare facility in the country, unless they are done for workers compensation purposes, they will use ICD-10 codes.   I’ve helped to lead a team at one company for most of the past four years (with occasional side-tracks to other locations as well).   You wouldn’t think that something as small as a medical diagnosis code would get people really excited, but this has been a BIG deal in the healthcare community and a great many people have been VERY excited about it.

Sort of like blind Bartimaeus.   In fact, during meetings yesterday afternoon, I looked at some very excited (and nervous) participants and wondered if they would be as excited as Bartimaeus was at receiving his sight from Jesus.   Would they jump up and be grateful?   Would they see it wasn’t about them (while it sort of seemed like it was)?   Would they begin to see at all or would they simply keep walking around blind?

Jesus had called Bartimaeus.   He had singled him out from a crowd of total strangers because the blind man had gone the extra mile to be noticed.   He had called out louder and louder for Jesus to notice him because blind Bartimaeus needed help that he realized only Jesus could give.   Bartimaeus may have felt desperate, or hopeful, or nervous, or even a little apprehensive; perhaps he felt a mixture of those things and we’ll never know.   What we do know is that Jesus responded to him and Bartimaeus became excited about meeting Him.   He became excited and jumped to his feet and went straight to Jesus.

Tell me:   have you ever gotten excited like that about Jesus?   When was the last time you got excited about something but, more importantly, when was the last time you got excited about meeting Jesus in any way?   He calls me and you every day in ways both personal and public.   I can’t tell you the last time I jumped up to my feet and ran straight to Him. More likely than not, when Jesus calls to me I respond by saying “in a minute, Lord.”   Or “let me finish this thing I’m doing.”   Jesus calls me and comes right to me, right to me in the middle of all my muck and my mire.   Do I respond the same to Him?   Do I act like grateful Bartimaeus? How about you?

So far so good with my client and most of the companies and providers I know about.   I’m sure there are issues somewhere, but a lot of excited people did a lot of work ahead of time to prepare for using these new codes and that helped to minimize likely problems.   Still, the next time you visit your doctor, ask them about ICD-10 and what it meant to them.   Be prepared for an earful of an answer, though.   Chances are they may get a little excited about it.

Lord Jesus, I’m excited about You.   I’m excited You called me; I’m excited You saved me.   Teach me today to share my excitement about you with others.

Read Mark 10, verses 46-52.


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