Practical Proverbial, from Mark, 17 November 2015r

Haven’t you read this passage of Scripture: “‘The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes’?” Mark 12, verses 10-11.

A few more words need to be said about this idea.   They’re words of great hope.

“The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes.”

In one breath, Jesus talks about how the Jews have really screwed up (and how we keep doing the same thing).   They’ve rejected the foundation of life, Jesus Himself, for something else. Despite this, God uses their rejection in ways that thwart them and in ways that make it possible for us to live forever.

The Lord did this, not the Jews, not us, not ISIS, not President Obama.   The Lord did this.

And it is marvelous in our eyes.   It is the most marvelous thing on which we could ever fix our eyes.

It is the miracle of the virgin birth in Bethlehem.   It is the healing of hundreds, perhaps thousands, just in His lifetime.   It is the forming of thousands of broken hearts into whole vessels of love.   It is the death of the innocent Son of God on that brutal tree at Calvary.   It is Easter Sunday.

The Lord has taken every evil thing you and I could ever conceive of doing and turned them around to serve His higher good.   He did it, not you or me.   He has set His Son before us as the fulfillment of all our wonders, all beauty, all purpose, all knowledge and all love.   He has done this incredible thing and it is marvelous any way we could behold it.

And it’s all because of love.   His love.   His perfect, just, sacrificial, atoning marvelous love.

If you think about it, EVERYTHING the Lord has done is marvelous in our eyes.   Your body, that miraculous amalgamation of systems, cells, chemicals and specialized flesh:   it is a miracle.   No, I don’t believe we evolved:   I believe we were created by God because the human body is a marvelous miracle of love.   In fact, all living things are marvelous.   That a tiny single-cell creature can still be alive is just as marvelous as pondering the vastness of a rain forest.   All life is miraculous; all life is marvelous in our eyes. Without life, we wouldn’t comprehend anything.   God is life.

Have you considered the vast cold beauty of the universe?   We learn more about it every day.   Marvelous.   Or that rain forest and trees in general.   Food, shelter, fuel, shade, air, beauty: marvelous. Quantum physics (that seem, more and more to point to design rather than random chance)?   Marvelous.   Grace, words, eyesight, gravity, pleasure, even sex?   All of them are naturally illogical things that are marvelous to ponder.

And all these are things that the Lord did.   We didn’t do them; they were done for us out of love. The Lord made all of them possible for us, given for us, because He was also the stone the builders rejected who became the capstone. Jesus is the summation of all creation; He is the reason things were created.   That we might live in His love forever, to share and grow and worship in it. That we can conceive them is marvelous; that they were done is marvelous in our eyes.   That the Lord did them for us is marvelous for all time.

Lord Jesus, I praise You for Your capstone love, for Your marvelous giving love.

Read Mark 12, verses 13-17.


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