Practical Proverbial, from Mark, 19 November 2015

As Jesus was leaving the temple, one of his disciples said to him, “Look, Teacher! What massive stones! What magnificent buildings!” “Do you see all these great buildings?” replied Jesus. “Not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.” Mark 13, verses 1-2.

I grew up near the city.   We were always ‘townies’ whether the town was large or small.   Until just this past March, I never lived in the country even though I always wanted to.   Now, my house in the country is nothing fancy.   My wife and I specifically rented it because we wanted to live in a temporary place where we could decide if this was the place where we wanted to live.   It’s my hope that we’re close to being able to buy that land, to build up our business, to plant a vineyard where we’ll grow wine grapes, and, most of all, to establish a new means where we can carry to a new level the ‘second chance’ ministry that has been put on our hearts.

And, at the end of all things, none of it will be left standing.   Jesus said so.

But I’ll confess:   I still enjoy the city.   I grew up in Minneapolis where, in the early 1970s, the IDS corporation (which no longer even exists, I believe) built its headquarters building downtown.   I once thought it was the biggest building in the world, but it obviously wasn’t. Anyway, not long ago I walked by the front of the building and looked up at the top.   It’s impressive to see something so tall and magnificent rise up to the sky.   I’ve done the same thing at the Empire State Building, the Bank of America building in San Francisco, the (former) Sears Tower in Chicago, and even the old World Trade Center buildings before Osama took them down on 9/11.

At the end of all things, none of them will be left standing.   Jesus said so.

Cities are mankind’s monuments to commerce, community, and hubris yet they pale in comparison to even the words spoken by the Son of Man.   He who spoke the universe into existence and created us from dust still has dominion and power over the same creation.   I’m sure even Jesus is impressed by the Burj Khalifa but even that building is nothing compared to the simple power of Him.   Everything was under His control from the beginning; everything still is.

I find that thought comforting as the world around us seems to be spinning out of control.   War in the Middle East, a country (even a world) divided like never before, hard times that don’t ever seem to end; you name the crisis.   If you let it, worry about these things can overwhelm you, especially if you’re alone in the big city.   So I find it comforting, especially when my wife and I are “porching” in our rocking chairs near Paris, that Jesus is still Lord of Lords even over the most magnificent and imposing of human creations.   No matter where you are, no matter where you’re from, all you see around you there and now is still under the control of the same Jesus who was there at the start.

And He has big plans for it all.

Lord, You are so much more magnificent than anything else I can imagine.   Thank You for your grace, mercy and peace.

Read Mark 12, verses 13-17.

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