Practical Proverbial, from Mark, 18 January 2016

“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. Mark 13, verse 32.

We’ve talked about this before, about how end times prophecies boil down to our being prepared for the world to end any minute now.   Admit it:   the idea of the world ending, of God calling an end to time and of everything that we know or has ever happened coming to a conclusion seems far-fetched.   It seems preposterous, illogical (worse:   it’s logic-defiant). The end of the world seems contrary to everything God created us for, right?


In fact, the end of time is exactly the event for which God created us.   God created us out of His perfect love and grace.   He created us to be in full communion with Him forever, to enjoy His blessings and share His love with us with Him for all time.   However, the sin that we embraced so long ago stands in-between us and realizing God’s real plan.   He’s holy and can’t have anything to do with our sins.   Enter Jesus, who atoned for our sins and clothed us with Himself so that we can stand in front of the holy triune God blameless and made holy again.   God created us to share His love perfectly, as He does, and in our current state we can’t do that.

Yet when that will happen nobody here knows.   Jesus’ own words in this verse confirm this truth.   He says them just after assuring us that His words are truth and are reliable, that when everything else goes away He and His words will remain.  Jesus Himself doesn’t know.   The Spirit of the Father and Son doesn’t know.   NSA doesn’t know; neither does Barack Obama, Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Donald Trump, Rick Warren, your pastor, your BFF since fourth grade, nor any person we can think of. Only God the Father Himself knows when it will happen.

Maybe it follows that either me or you would think “so why doesn’t He just tell us?”   Kind of presumptuous, don’t you think? Let me answer your question with a question: “would you really want to know?”   Don’t bother digging up the “why” to that question; that’s your business.   But would you really want to know when the end of time is happening?   Wouldn’t it cause some of your passion for life to cease, the very thing that makes humanity into what we are?   If we knew when things would end, how many of us would simply give up and not truly live?   Worse, how many of us would sink further into debauchery in the false belief that this life is all there is, so we’d better live it up now because at X time we’re done.

That’s not what God intended for us at all.

Nobody we can conceive of knows when all this will conclude; perhaps it will happen before you read my next blog entry; even so, come Lord Jesus.   And if it doesn’t, then let’s thank God for another day to make the most of the lives He gives us.   Let’s live today to find ways to advance Him in our lives, to dedicate our time and talents to His work, to be Jesus and share Jesus for someone who doesn’t yet know Him.   Doing that, then it won’t matter when comes the end of all things.

Lord, I praise You that you, my God, have ordained an end to this world.   Come Lord Jesus in Your good time.

Read Mark 13, verses 32-37.



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