Practical Proverbial, from Hebrews, 22 September 2016

To which of the angels did God ever say, “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet”?  Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?  Hebrews 1, verses 13-14.

Another comment on angels.   Recall from verses 6 and 7 how the author remarks that God’s angels were created to worship Him, that they were imbued with divine power and supernatural ability.  Now notice how, just a few words later, the author brings us back to the subject of angels, and how Jesus didn’t come to live and die for their salvation.

Wow.  If this is a fact you’re considering for the first time, then stop and ponder it.   Those supernatural, spiritually powerful, defying-space-and-time angels aren’t saved by Jesus.   You are.   They aren’t.   Don’t get lost in that thought, but certainly don’t overlook it.

If you’re an angel, and you’re not one of those who rebelled and fell, then you live your eternal life directly in front of God.   You get to look on Him without being destroyed by simply beholding Him.  You know His holiness and His beauty and His love first-hand, and you see every second how He is all He says He is.   His power, His justice, His perfection, His love, His mercy:  You see all those without the filter of sin or the flaw of humanity.

And you don’t need Him to die for you.   In fact, He didn’t die for you.   You haven’t sinned against Him, but He also didn’t die in the promise to redeem you if ever you do.   There were thousands, maybe millions of your fellow angels who once rebelled with Lucifer and were expelled from heaven accordingly.   You know the Scriptures, so you know that doom and eternal punishment await those rebels at the end of history.   And it isn’t your history:   it’s history for the humans, for the people who God loved differently from you and your peers.  The universe, the earth, the seasons:   they weren’t created for the benefit of the angels.   They were created for man.

If you’re an angel, you know Jesus, know His side as fully God and fully man, and you know Him in ways that human beings don’t, can’t.   You get to see how He is working in eternity for the benefit of men, how He has mercy on people who, like those fallen ones, constantly rebel against Him.  How He intercedes for us so that the Father’s holy justice doesn’t punish us for the terrible things we do.   An angel living there in heaven sees all this up close and personal.

And an angel knows it isn’t for him.  God never promised that angels would be redeemed.   God never prophesied for the salvation of the angels.   God never promised to stand against all who would stand against His people.   God privileged the angels with the work of ministering to men, of protecting and advancing and assisting men even in ways that men don’t understand.  Yet God didn’t beget His only Son to live, teach and die for the angels.   He only did this for men.  Heaven isn’t opened up for the angels.   They’re already there, in the presence of God, for the purpose of serving His glory however He sees best.   That includes ministering to people here when we are in danger of the fires of hell.

In fact, hell was created for the angels.   The author of Hebrews notes that creation and history were created for men and will come to an end.  When it ends, those angels we call demons will be judged and consigned to hell where there will be eternal separation from God and eternal punishment.   Fire, pain, anger, hurt, loneliness, desperation:   whatever you conceive hell to be, it will be worse and it was designed for those who rejected God.   Hell’s first citizens will be Lucifer and the angels whose free will drew them away from God.

It will be so because Jesus Christ didn’t die for the angels.   Jesus doesn’t vow to do battle, real and spiritual, for the angels.   Jesus doesn’t promise that angels will be in communion with Him.  Scripture doesn’t say that angels were made in God’s image, but man was.   God never called the angels “very good” the way He did with man.  Angels won’t inherit salvation; they can’t.   But we can.

What say you?

For more reading:   Isaiah 34:4, Psalm 102: 25-27.

Lord Jesus, I praise You for Your glory and thank You for the angels You made to serve You and help me.   I don’t deserve Your forgiveness but I’m so grateful for it and thankful for those You give to sustain us here.


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