Practical Proverbial, from Hebrews, 5 December 2016

And no one takes this honor on himself, but he receives it when called by God, just as Aaron was.  Hebrews 5, verse 4.

So, I’m officially looking for another job.  Last Friday, my manager, a VP in Michigan, officially dropped the axe on my neck.   Effective 1 January I’m gone from the company.   Reason is that I’m just not a fit for the work they have now.   It’s not being fired but it’s not being saved either; I guess “let go” is the current colloquialism for “don’t go away mad but just go away.”   The company was kind enough to pay me through the remainder of the month, something they didn’t have to do and most companies don’t.  And my active work is mostly done so it’s like having freely paid job hunting time.  I refuse to surrender to negative thinking or pessimism in this because I sense deep in my soul that God is at work.

He’s calling me to do something else.

I’ll put it to rest now, though:   no, I’m not going into the ministry.  I’m already in a ministry of sorts called “daily life.”   In it, I get to talk with people, share Jesus in how I conduct myself, and pray actively and diligently.  I’m not paid to do this and, to be honest, feel no particular pull in the direction of full-time ministry of ‘the cloth.’  This’ll sound weird but I’m hoping that never happens because I believe I’m making a difference doing what I’m doing now.   I enjoy spending these times with you, and I enjoy doing my best to live out my faith in wherever each day carries me.   Full-time ministry would change that somehow, maybe for the better and maybe not.   For now, let’s just say “we may never know.”

And yet I know deep in my heart that God is calling me to do something with my life.   It SUCKS to lose your job, even if it isn’t unexpected.  In the middle of an economic depression, joining the ranks of the unemployed is a terrifying, daunting thing.   Yet I know that God has His hand in it.   He’s been preparing me and my family for this for several months now in building up our faith, in providing a second job for me and a new job for my wife.   He’s been encouraging us to become bolder live-in representatives for Jesus in all we think, say, and do.   At some point in the future, I’ll secure another job.   It will happen because God has closed one door and asked me to walk through another one He opened.  In-between now and then, God will provide.   He doesn’t promise it’ll be easy; it might indeed be tough.   But He will be with us throughout.   He’s constantly providing us with all we need to get through each day.

Some people get to have this same kind of faith and live it out as called servants of Christ.   Just like Aaron – Moses’ brother and the original ordained priest and pastor – pastors and priests have sensed the call God put on their hearts.   They moved in the direction of full-time ministry, walking through doors God opened so that they might arrive in that ministry.   And they do it with more training than Aaron had.  Aaron’s only ecclesiastical training was in the mud pits of Goshen, hoping for decades that God would send His deliverer so that slaves like himself might be freed.  Aaron didn’t need training in Hebrew, Greek, hermeneutics, and adiaphora.   God put all that was needed on His heart and Aaron moved along accordingly.   Indeed, God chose Aaron long before Aaron realized that God had chosen him.   What’s more, God stuck by Aaron after Aaron had committed a grave and all-too public sin.   If the root of every sin is idolatry, Aaron’s sin in building the Golden Calf for the delivered Israelites to worship is idolatry on steroids.   And God stuck with Him anyway.   God provided for Aaron.   God used Aaron to institute the practices and tradition of being a called servant.   God used Aaron to live as an example for others to follow in working and living as selected, appointed, called servants of Christ to carry His Word to all ends of the earth.

Different from how He uses you and me, but God has called us into our lives all the same.   What will we do with that call?

If you’re reading this blog either at WordPress or on an email, you’re one of thousands to whom it’s delivered every day.  God has been using me to share these simple words for six years now.   That much I pray to continue even as I look for new ways to pay the bills.  No matter what happens, I feel God’s calling through all of it.

For more reading:   Hebrews 7:19, Ephesians 3:12, Romans 8: 31-39.

Lord God, I pray use my life and all I have so that I might preach You in all I think, say, and do.   Thank You for blessing me and providing for me.


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