Practical Proverbial, from 1 Timothy, 28 February 2019

“…until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, which God will bring about in his own time—God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords,” 1 Timothy 6:14-15 (NIV).

It isn’t up to you and me.   Jesus, the Lord Jesus Christ, will appear at a time of God’s own choosing.   The Father already knows when it will happen; the Son doesn’t; their Spirit doesn’t.  The Son, Jesus, will appear in the clouds and all the world will see Him, acknowledge Him, revere Him even as many won’t believe it’s actually Him.  You and I (and our world), despite our knowledge and ‘advanced humanity,’ have no say in this in any way.   It isn’t up to us.   It’s up to Him.

It also isn’t up to you and me that God is blessed.   So many folks today spend much of their time hating God.   That isn’t anything new.   It goes all the way back to Cain, even further if you consider the fall of Satan.   Satan hated that God was God and he wasn’t.   So did Cain.   So did every one of us whose sins, small and large, prove we choose anything other than God.  Yet our rebellion from the fact of God Himself doesn’t change the fact that He is blessed to be Himself.   We bless Him with our worship, honor, and love, and He blesses us simply by being Himself, then sharing that with us.   We don’t deserve such goodness, yet He uses our lives to then revere and love others around us.  It’s not about us because it is about Him.   The more we get in touch with that simple fact, the more we become less stressed by the realization that it isn’t up to us that God is holy, blessed, magnificent, just and loving and, well, God.

And it isn’t up to you and me that God is the ONLY ruler, the ultimate king, the Lord above all other earthly lords, the highest authority.   He’s God and we aren’t.   He allows earthly authorities to rule us, or rule over us.   He uses their actions to boundary the lives in which we carry out His work here.   Yet all rulers are subordinate to Him, even the despots.  None is more powerful than the Lord God, and none has the power or dominion that He has.   It’s impossible for them to have those things because we are mere mortals and He isn’t.  God was God and sovereign before the first king, dictator or president, and He will be there when, one day, all bow down in deference to Him.

It’s important to remember these things because we tend to fall away from God if we aren’t frequently reminded.  We fail to show that we know He is God and we aren’t, and we substitute faith in Him with misguided faith in un-divine mankind.

For further reading:   1 Timothy 6:13-21.

Sovereign Lord, You are God, the Only God.   All praise to only You.

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