About Dave

I’m a forty-something man trying to contribute something of value to our world.  If words are the best I can do then I pray I would give my best of them to you.  Besides, words mean things.

I live in North Texas, work in the information technology sector, have three grown or teenage children, and am letting God work through me to repair my life from all my undoings.

2 thoughts on “About Dave

  1. Hey Dave – its Amy (Gymboree teacher of your grown up children).

    Got your Christmas letter – Lots has changed here in my life – send it in a private email sometime….if you have insomnia.

    I love your writing and am glad you mentioned it in your letter.

    Tell Kim and the kids I said hi! Rachelle always mentions Dillion at Christmas when we put up the “melted snowman” ornament we made at your house.

    Take care,
    Amy DiGiulio

  2. Hi Dave, I really enjoyed getting to know you and Kim at Mike and Dina’s yesterday and enjoyed hearing about your dream and making it a reality soon. I enjoyed the blog and look forward to reading more. Blessings, Cary

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