Practical Proverbial, from Hebrews, 27 February 2017

Now the main point of what we are saying is this: We do have such a high priest, who sat down at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven, and who serves in the sanctuary, the true tabernacle set up by the Lord, not by a mere human being.  Hebrews 8, verse 1-2

This is the main point of everything, not just a few verses in the Bible.   You may not want to hear it, but the high priest of heaven – Jesus of Nazareth – is the main point of everything in your life.

We went to two different church services yesterday.   My wife and I attended our home church in Frisco to help set up communion and then to attend worship.   Later, (along with our daughters, their families, and my in-laws) we also attended a church in Prosper where we sat in on a telecast with David Jeremiah, well-known Christian author and minister.   Dr. Jeremiah’s sermon topic was the gospel and how our society is diluting it.   Our society is constantly trying to water down the powerful message that God redeemed us so we could live and love with Him forever.   We of the world constantly try to shift away from that because that message takes away from the focus on us.   We aren’t the creator:  we’re the created.  We aren’t the center of all things:   God is.

In other words, he talked about how Jesus was the main point of everything.

Then, last night, I didn’t watch the Oscars.   I usually don’t, so this year was no exception.   Chances are you’ve already heard about the major errors that happened  when Warren Beatty presented the Best Picture award.   Perhaps Clyde Barrow actually grabbed the envelope and stormed onstage, or maybe someone rushed the action, or perhaps there was some kind of mix-up we’ll never know about; internet conspiracy theorists are already going wild about it.   But no matter what happened, someone actually did hand that envelope to Jack Reed.   Can you imagine how it must feel to be the person who handed Beatty the wrong envelope?  They probably want to drop off the planet today.

That person needs to know that Jesus is the main point of everything.   Jesus is bigger than the Academy Awards.

Or there is someone my pastor friend, Patrick, is following on Twitter.   @SarahTaras tweeted just today “If Jesus’ end game had been moralism, no one would have wanted him dead.  The gospel is not a safe message.   Not then.   Not now.”   Powerful statement there, don’t you think?  I completely agree with her point, though.  The gospel is a radically unsafe message.   It directly challenges all the wisdom of this world in full frontal assault.  That makes it unsafe, threatening, dangerous to the world.   If you believe in the gospel, then you, too, are unsafe, dangerous and threatening.

All that is so because Jesus is the main point of the gospel.   Jesus is the main point of everything.   He is the center of the good news of salvation.   He is the center of real peace after a comedy of errors broadcast live across the globe.   He is the main point of all Christian ministry.  We each rebel and struggle with that idea because the sin in us spurs us on to want to be supreme.   We each want to be the top dog, all the while not realizing that Jesus is the main point of all creation.  He gives life because He is life.   He gives love because He is love.   God has provided everything that we have, think, or know of, and has put His Son Jesus over all of it.   That puts Him smack dab in the middle.

And He’s there whether we believe in Him or not, whether we forget or focus on Him.   He was at both Water’s Edge and Prestonwood yesterday.   He was on stage with Warren Beatty when old Warren announced the wrong film.   He’s with my friend and the woman on Twitter.   He’s reading these words through your eyes.   We each easily forget that Jesus is the center of all things but that only makes it even more urgent for us to regroup and remember who’s in charge.

Lord Jesus, You are the middle of everything.  You are God, You are love, You are the focus of my life.   Abide with me and forgive me, I pray, when I mess up.